Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 449 - Le Motel
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Le Motel is a film composer, graphic designer and producer who draws on his worldly travels to make richly immersive music.

It comes detailed with field recordings from remote locations, visual cues from his design work and a mix of the organic and the synthetic and has mixed up everything from jazz to juke, techno to hip hop. As well as running Maloca Records he has picked up props from Gilles Peterson for an album for New Zealand’s Cosmic Composition, has collaborated with Fuzati on Ombrage Éditions went solo into a breaks, bass and grime fusion on YUKU in summer.

Now the Kiosk Radio resident arrives in our podcast series with 60 minutes of earth-quaking global rhythms. The tempos are slow to start with but the impact is heavy from off. Lithe minimal drums fizz with dystopian energy and evolve from deep and dubby to broken and intense as Le Motel ramps up the pressure and keeps your body moving in ways only he can.


Uwalmassa - Untitled 03 (DIVISI62)
Cassius Select - Slight (Justice Pour Sourour)
Hypna x Warrior Queen - Rollin Deep (Forthcoming on Maloca)
Seta Loto - L5 S1 (Comic Sans Records)
SIM & Sueuga - Submergir - Toumba Remix (Forthcoming on Sacrilejio Records)
Coen - Slayer (Unreleased)
DJ JM - Stalk (Maloca)
Space Drum Meditation - Uragshaa (Maloca)
Lurka - Trip (Make Your Own Meaning)
Blawan - Iddy (Hessle Audio)
DJ Crisps - Don't Stop Now - Vinyl only (INSTINCT)
Le Motel x Flowdan - Wild Guide (Fabric Originals)
3Phaz — Bravamax (Forthcoming on Tratratrax)
Bambounou - Tboujeh (Maloca)
Tristan Arp - Polymer (SLINK)
Yuto Takei - Oriental Microscope - Konduku Remix (Maloca)
Jurango - Psi (re:lax)
Le Motel x Nah Eeto - Piga Makofi (Yuku)
unkle G - unkle G (Equiknoxx)
Hihats In Trees - CAIRO (Commissioned by HIIIT / Forthcoming on Maloca)