Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 452 - Sedef Adasi
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Sedef Adasi's style is impossible to pin down.

Embarking on her sonic journey, she fearlessly navigates her craft through a multifaceted universe of rhythms and genres, captivating dance floors with her everlasting groove and electrifying embrace. The best place to experience this rollercoaster is her own monthly HAMAM party at City club in Augsburg where she has invited plenty of international guests to join her. The Turkey-born, Germany-based artist is also a resident at Blitz Music Club and is set to join us at Dekmantel Selectors later in the summer, but first comes this week's podcast.

It launches in seductive fashion with the moonlit deep house of Chicagoan Ben 'Cosmo' D then cruises through smooth but punchy grooves that stay low and bring hints of old-school cool in the basslines, stabs and drum breaks. Adasi's shift through the gears is almost imperceptible here as the pace quickens and the drums grow more physical. That is a testament to not only her smart selections but also to her ability to thread together these sounds quite so seamlessly.