Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 456 - AGY3NA
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AGY3NA draws on many different things when it comes to the music he plays and the messages he shares.

There is an intersectionality to his identity as a gay black man growing up in Germany that informs everything he does from DJing to promoting parties. He has a background playing baritone and percussion, has a degree in psychology and a master's in cognitive science, and continues with academic research alongside his music pursuits which blend house, electro and Afrofuturism in all new ways. What underpins it all is his focus on feelings of freedom and playful rhythms from across many different genres and decades.

All that bares out across this week's mix which unravels over the course of 90 subtly uplifting minutes. It's a peaceful selection to start with where gentle rhythms and organic pads awaken the soul before vibe-fuelled house ups the energy levels. AGY3NA's unobtrusive, efficient mixing style then works through Afro-centric grooves, broken beats, and worldly percussion which all bring vigour and vitality and leave you feeling high on life.