Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 464 - Stella Zekri
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Stella Zekri is based in Berlin but her sound defies the usual expectations of those who dance in the city best known for house and techno.

Her sets instead are instead led by soul and emotion and reach far and wide into the worlds of hip hop, house, new beat, trance, jazz, disco and bring rich colours and exultant vibes to the scene. She often likes to play long sets and isn't afraid of twisting and turning through diverse tempos and rhythms along the way, which is something she also does at the Body Language events she founded with Camilla Rae and Caitlin Russell in 2021. They have brought something all new to the queer scene in Berlin, while her monthly Breakfast Show on Refuge Worldwide and her studio work with 80s zouk and boogie band Stella and the Longos are further creative outlets that make Stella a new school star.

All of this is reflected in the sixty-minute selection Stella has put together for us this week: it's a celebration of her eclectic collection that is powered by outgoing pianos, emotive vocals and gleeful grooves. There are old school house jams and silky soul-laced depths, happy 90s tracks and plenty of sensuous voices that all prove Stella Zekri's ability to keep the good times flowing is second to none.