Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 468 - Polygonia
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Polygonia's creative world knows no boundaries.

It is a project from Munich-based instrumentalist Lindsey Wang that incorporates production, DJing, illustration, graphic design, and photography. Wang is a core part of the IO collective which works all across the audiovisual spectrum, and also runs her own label QEONE. Pining her down musically is hard as she isn't defined by tempo, but instead blends ambient and techno into soundscapes defined by great sound designs, texture and emotion.

Wang's love of exploring a dizzyingly diverse array of musical codes and colours is evident on this week's mix. The 90-minute showcase is a portal into a hyper-real world - an alien yet organic soundtrack of sub-aquatic synths, bioluminescent melodies and pulsing deep space rhythms. Pads drip and ripple, drums are dubbed out but direct and the mood is always brilliantly curious.