Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 471 - E-Saggila
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Konduku is Dutch-born but with a proud Turkish heritage that colours the music he makes.

It's impactful techno but with curious time signatures and minimalist percussive that draws on the rhythms of his ancestral homeland. As the son of a musician and Balkan folklore dancer, he was always set to spend his life in music and so far it's been a rich one that has included a standout debut album on Nous’klaer in 2018 and fresh EPs on the cult likes of Delsin, Bitta and Spazio Disponibile.

This week's mix showcases exactly what he is all about with 80 minutes of supple and subversive techno. Liquid tracks from Jeff Mills, Donato Dozzy, Shackleton and plenty of his own all feature in this timeless trip where slick transitions and carefully threaded grooves constantly build mood and atmosphere. From deep and cosmic to dark and dystopian, there is an always underlying tension that keeps both mind and body utterly locked in.