Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 234 - J-Zbel
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French trio J-Zbel keeps it low key. The unknown collective from Lyon has released exclusively on Brothers From Different Mothers since 2015, and in May this year offered up a fantastic debut album.

The oddly titled Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up was an eclectic double 12” mash up of rave, hardcore, breakbeats, acid and techno that is full throttle and uncompromisingly high energy. With little else to go on but for their music, it’s fair to say J-Zbel enjoy the sweat and intensity of the dance floor and are not afraid to take musical cues from outlier scenes like trance and gabber.

That lends their music a thrilling and unpredictable edge that also permeates this podcast: it’s 1 hour 40 minutes of tempo hopping, mood switching sounds that are have your hands pumping to rave one minute and your body skanking to some abstract future grime the next. It’s a refreshing and widescreen take on strobe lit styes that hits like a train.