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Territroy is a coming together of long time techno innovator Stathis Kalatzis and Panagiotis Melidis, who is best known as Larry Gus from his work on DFA.

May 27, 2019

This new collaboration explores the similarities and differences between the two distinctive artists: the club focussed drums and physicality of the former, and the meticulous song craft and chord structure of the latter. It has resulted in a brand new album, Skulls & Plants—due in June on our own UFO label—that explores rugged rhythm, dark internal spaces and twisted synth work that is a full of beautiful contrasts.

That distinctive duality and sense of split personality is clear to see in the mix they have put together for us. And few in the series have started as wildly, with freeform jazz expressionism bursting out of the speakers before dying away to reveal a loose and tropical rhythm littered with percussion and hand drums. Looseness and, frankly, weirdness, characterises the next couple of hours as psyched-out synths and manic drumming, computer meltdowns and more radical jazz stylings all intertwine with each other in truly beguiling fashion. If you like your music to be challenging and rule breaking, this is the one for you.