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We're proud to present Dekmantel Radio over at Echobox: a monthly three-hour show for reconnecting familiar faces and amplifying newfangled voices. New music, label news, tips and recommendations are brought to you by Team Dekmantel in the first hour, followed by two guest shows hosted by local and international artists, showcasing established and upcoming talents from Amsterdam and beyond.

Our next show is on August 13th, from 4-7pm CET. Make sure to tune in here when the time comes!

Dekmantel Radio: July 1st 2022

Tune in, zone out! The latest Dekmantel Radio recording is now up on our Soundcloud: featuring outstanding guest mixes by DJ Plead and Garnett, as well as our label and festival news.

Tracklist Dekmantel:
Nikolaienko - Yalta (feat. Amphibian Man II)
Nicolini - Goods
Nijhof & Toonk - P.I.P.
L/F/D/M - A4 after Whitney
Geier aus Stahl - Der große Beschleuniger
Black Rave Culture - In My Bizziness (feat. Dreamcastmoe)
Dazion - sound of the dune town
Otik - Skylines
Tristan Arp - A Subtle Shift In Air Pressure
Yaseen - Siteh ft Dakn
Lauren Duffus Wires

Tracklist DJ Plead:
Djoser - Console (Djoser Remix)
El Shick & Lolo en el Microfono - Nunca Cuenten Con Lo Mio
Piezo - Tinned
Brenmar & Sinden - One Two (1-2)
Toumba - ID
DJ Plead - ID
Aryu Jassika - Miss Madam Flesh Eater (with Bujin)
Tarabalsi - Yamaouin
Jamal Moss + KiNK - Spiral Galaxies with 2 Cores
Kamohelo - SO
Bartellow - SALA SENSI
Tristan Arp - Circling The Abyss
K-Lone - Batucada
Bartellow - SABA
Cando - Sundown (Wet Mix)
Kuniyuki - Black
De Grandi - Ah Ouais Hein
DJ Sotofett - Soukas Mixv

Tracklist Garnett:
Kyle Hall & Kero - Zug Island
Shotta Tapes - ID
Tom VR - Ikquion Lovers
Aleksi Perålå - UK74R1824020
Kush Jones - Reso
Human Resources - Thorpe Cloud
Loefah - Life Dub
Ghostwhip - So Big (Instrumental)
Mala - Walking with Jah
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Spit (Vox)
Incredible Keith - Demo 001
Lack - Microsoft
Ben Hauke - Turn It On
Loraine James - Mmm
Dom Perignon - When U Say
Superabundance - Hyperplasticity

Dekmantel Radio: June 3rd 2022

In case you missed the latest instalment of Dekmantel Radio, our recording is now online. For this Lente Kabinet 2022 special, we were visited by eclectic heart Sekan and Garage Noord resident Mickenik.

Tracklist Sekan:
Playboi Carti - Location
Robert Owens - Your Mind (Passion) (Ron Hardy edit Mix 1)
Mix-O-Rap - I Am The DMR
Gherkin Jerks - Parameters
Rodney Bakerr - Traffic Jam
Vincent Floyd - I Dream You
Future - Spank-Spank
Robert Crash - Brike Lane
Mutant Beat Dance - Drug PsychedeLik
Kero & Kyle Hall - 19FT
Prince - Lisa (Edit)
Fit - Kali
Chris & Cosey - Morning
Roberto De Simone - Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie (Rahaan edit)
Virgo - Under You
Crown Heights Affair - Dreaming A Dream
The Last Poets - Mean Machine Chant
Dolo Percussion - Dolo 9
Beau Wanzer - Do The Spider Shimmy
Unkown - Beat Traxx 2
Jamal Moss - 4 This Is Living That Gherkin Life 6The Jak - Dirty Riddim '87

Tracklist Mickenik:
Coil - who’ll fall
Jlin - First Overture (Spiritual Atom)
Ended - Sunrise (ft. Catherine Danger)
Pan Sonic - Murto neste
Felix K - Flower Of Destruction #4
Yuki Matsumura - Solo Scum
Pan Sonic - Laptevinmeri / Laptev Sea
Albert Van Abbe - One Hour
Contagious Orgasm - Anemic Cinema
Hüma Utku - Ataxia
Diaphane - Platinium
Kush Arora, Orogen, Titus 12 - Day In Day Out (Kush Arora & Orogen Thermal Mix)
Monolake - Shutdown

Dekmantel Radio: May 6th 2022

In case you missed it: the recording of our latest Dekmantel Radio show on Echobox with Noise Diva is now up for your entertainment, including the latest festival and label news.

Tracklist Dekmantel:
TSVI & Loraine James - Trust
Tirzah - Ribs
Eartheather - Mitosis
Meetsysteem - L.I.W.W.W. (Nana Adjoa Rework)
DJ Python & Anthony Naples - Entouré
Lord & dego - Intention Not Action
Fizzy Veins - Favourite Winter Jacket
Stacks - If Hope Was a Game
Oli XL - Go Oli Go
J. Albert - cliqued
Aquarian - pPPRISM

Tracklist Noise Diva:
Eleni Karaindrou - Depart and Eternity Theme [Variation III]
lil asaf - esh
Lišaj - Hartaa
Asifeh - unreleased
Tamtameh - 7ubbek Corona | تمتمة - حبك كورونا
Al Nather - unreleased
Emma Dj - unreleased
Asifeh - unreleased
Tiff (feat. Rknddn) [Prod. SMOKAHOLIC] - La 3yunek
Zgjim - unreleased
My cruelty - по велению сердца
Howie Lee - The Wriggled Wind
Toumba - unreleased
Hassan Anou Alam - Kesibt Ft. SHBL-LBSH
Liliane Chlela - unreleased
HUSAYN - Stop(Magnolia) ft. FL EX
Krampfhaft - unreleased
Eilien - SMS

Dekmantel Radio: April 8th 2022

The recording of our latest Dekmantel Radio show on Echobox Radio is now up! Whether it be the soundtracks provided by special guests CARISTA and AliA or new music and label news from our team, you know where to go.

Tracklist Dekmantel:
Carlos Niño & Friends - Commend, NYC Piece 6
Batu - Solace
Maral - Lorestan Reggaeton (عشق edit)
Davis Galvin - Emar
Parrish Smith - IAMNOTTHERE
Mathilde Nobel - My Thrive
Bogdan Raczynski - LDDAE
D. Tifanny & Roza Terenzi - Spiritual Delusion
Relmer - Strange Movement
Abo El Anwar - Ghalba

Tracklist AliA:
Culross Close - Pressure
Horatio Luna - Bumps (Zepherin Saint Fling Foot Remix)
Neil Pierce Ft Hanlei - Risk it
Alex Attias - Weather
Playin 4 The City - More than ever
Nubian Mindz - Black Science (Restless Soul Mix)
Bruk Rogers - Off Planet
Nicky Soft Touch - Lonely City Cut 2
Kahter - Tell Me
VROMM - Red Tuna
moon - Pass & Move
Akul - Breaks My Heart
Plastician - Dreading (El-B Remix)
Glass - Jim & Caroline Were Bad Omens (Christian Coiffure remix)
Joy Orbison - Pinky ring
Sister Zo - Screw Cheek
Dj Madd - Time Lapse
Protect Ryan - DJ Weddings & Receptions
Innamind Recordings - Goldfinger
Jafu - Take the Lead
Kercha - Culprit
Dividems - Tell Dem
Lyndon Jarr - Little Peas

Tracklist CARISTA:
Brintex Collective - Whistle
Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton - Last Scene
Ruse Park - Overseer
DJ JM - Owned
Anthony Rother - Trooper
Detroit In Effect - Detroit Technobass
Leese - Sag
DJ ADHD & Nikki Nair - Rips
Leese - Kaa
Conrad Soundsystem - 38A
EYCEE - Crunk
London Modular Alliance - Same Repeated Cycles
A Made Up Sound - Rework
Konduku - Antippen
Dego & 2000 Black Family - Make The Right Move
Funkineven - Sweets

Dekmantel Radio: March 11th 2022

Ears open: this month's Dekmantel Radio recording is now up on the web, containing two superb DJ sets by Loradeniz, Interstellar Funk and some insider chitchat from yours truly.

Tracklist Dekmantel:
RAMZi - Salve
Carmen Villain - Subtle Bodies
33EMYBW & Gooooose - Trans-Aeon Express
Parrish Smith - Light, Cruel & Vain
Bnnyhunna - rage for beginners
Eli Keszler - The Vaulting Sky
Xades - Zins
Space Ghost - Time Station
Kofi The Unknown - The Late Bloomer
Tammo Hesselink - Not For Levi
Walton - Working Title
LXV - Reader

Tracklist Loradeniz:
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm - Swaddledidaf
Loefah - Brando
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm - Swaddledidaf Rosé
Interstellar Funk ft. Loradeniz - Crickets At Night
bxp - Tupla
Sankt Otten - Sentimentale Sequenzen
Andria - Bedroom
Mura Mura - From Palawan
Siu Mata - Tokamak
Loradeniz - unreleased
Blake - &Droids&FX
Loradeniz - unreleased
Weith - Ohm
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - Nah
Mark Gergis - Syria 1998 & 2000 / Turkey 1998 & 2000 / Laos 2000
Ago & Boofy - Goldfinger
E-Talking - Hi-Res
Rusmir - So Much
XY0815 - Sensinneuse
Mayo - AuraPhase
Simo Cell - Farts
Rusmir - Fuck Zone
Renart - Wizardos 2K219 e619

Tracklist Interstellar Funk:
Brainwaltzera - Fwd: Re: late (Ref.: karoshi)
DJ Python - Angel
BasiC realities - Summer Love (Gherkin Jerks aka Larry Heard Tribute Mix I)
Stasis - Occasions & Adventures
Priori - Winged (Donato Dozzy Remix)
Manos Tsangaris - Drüm 2 (Lion’s Drums Edit)
Freddy Spins - Journey To Middle-Earth
Technoir - Metallica (Atlantic Meltdown Mix)
Lhasa - Acetabularia
The Force Dimension - Algorythm (Manipulating Mix)
Liaisons D - Future FJP
Robotiko Rejekto - Injection (The Mono-Dance Mix)
C&M Connection - Bio Rhythms
Prophet 5 - Invasion of the Techno Snatchers
Alessandro Adriani - Ecstatic Feeling
Psyche - The Saint Became a Lush

Dekmantel Radio: February 11th 2022

To those who missed it when it was on air: the full recording of our last Dekmantel Radio show is now up. Get to know what Aquarian has to say about his forthcoming EP or get down on DJ sets by Identified Patient and Lulu — it’s all in there.

Tracklist Dekmantel:
Saint Abdullah - Chiasmatic Relation
Blastah - Raining
Koji Nakamura - no. 7
Delly Rollies & Friends 82 - Licik
Glen Adams & Finesse - Sexual Instrumental
Marcello Giordani & Cantor feat. Nede - Cosmic Sailing
Interstellar Funk & Loradeniz - Crickets at Night
Aquarian - Death, Taxes & Hanger
Loek Frey - Osian
re:ni - Revenge Body
Iceboy Violet - Vanity
Lil Asaf - Malakii

Tracklist Lulu:
Divide and Dissolve ft. Minori Sanchiz-Fung - Did You Have Something to Do with It
Patrick Belaga - Slowly
Sozorie - Blossoming
Sissel Vincent - Investigation
Shayu - Rigi
Pessimist & Karim Maas - B1
Pan Dajing - Part One - A Raving Still
aircode - Spores
Galtier - Crystallised Larva
City & i.o. ft. Dis Fig - Catacomb
ONSY - AnkoCh
Mosca - You Won’t Stop In Time
Loris & Wildkatz - From The River To The Sea
Naar - Kaliyuga
Masma Dream World - Becoming the Magician
Zvrra - Tired Beetle
Odete - There’s No Language For Angels (GYUR Remix)
Zero Crossing Point - Shapeshifting
Simon Shreeve - A Thousand and One
STILL, Winnie Lado - Ahlam Wa Ish السماء هي الحد

Tracklist Identified Patient:
Ekoplekz - Clutchin
Gnäw - Marras
Alessandro Cortini - rotim
mick harris - Blue roof
Oxus - Black Seed
Thing - Darkside Dub
Draven - Turned
Borametz - Guatauba Junglet
Hysteria temple foundation - Annunaki
Kaval - Turn Off The Sirens
Alex R - Cord
Siu Mata - Tokamak
not yes - next up
Ekoplekz - Desolation Road
Caro - Signum Mycelia
Misfit - Bone Eater
Akam Sector - Mad House Low bpm
IP - unreleased
Cassius Select - Fish Tek
Alexithymia 述情障碍 - BBL Jiruin1l
Ekhe - Tuli Banyo (rave edit)
Rapoon - Breathing Gold
Polygon Window - Bike Pump Meets Bucket
Rockers Hi-Fi - Theme from Mish Mash

Dekmantel Radio: January 14th 2022

The full recording of our latest Dekmantel Radio session is now up for your listening your pleasure! Whether it’s the earth-shattering Bubbling spree of De Schuurman, Derozan’s concoction of beautifully bizarro finds or the insightful Q&A with BSS, hit play and dip your toe in what went down in the Echobox studio.

Tracklist - Dekmantel:
Flora Yin-Wong - The Sacrifice (feat. Adam Cherry)
Aleksi Perälä - FI3AC2261010
Asa Tone - II
BSS - Spaarndammerplantsoen
BSS - Box
Molotof ft. 3enba - Sayyad
JASSS - In Your Mouth
Rilla - Isn’s
Arca - Señorita
Steve Summers - Computer Non Grata
DJ Lag & Sinjin Hawke - Raptor
CiM - By A River
Roza Terenzi & jd - Memories of the Secret
Aquarian - Rene Likes The Steak
NVST - Petroleum Dub
Jlin - Embryo
John T. Gast - Company
Coco Bryce - Kiss Me Up
Alberta Balsam - Suspended In The Manifold

Tracklist - Derozan:
Mana-Algoryethm - Boiling Nomad
Indus Bonze - 狂った祈り(Mad Prayer)
Darla Smoking - Sandcry
DJ Spooky vs. The Freight Elevator Quartet - Bring Me My Mental Health
HunoHuno - EFG
Satin de Compostela - crispa
Felinto - Turmalina
Hassan K - Bamdad
DJs Winning Eleven - Dynowork
Spacetrilla - Sabot
Sneax - Till The End 100%
ヘントナー大佐 - blue stone

Dekmantel Radio: December 17th 2021

We’re back on air, and you can now listen to the recording of the very first reinstalment of Dekmantel Radio on Echobox! Kicking things off in the first hour, you'll catch a few favourite recent releases from our own team, including new and unreleased material from Dekmantel Records. For the next hour, Belgian DJ and artist M I M I has delivered a captivating selection of tracks from Brian Eno to NAJIB, and we move on to a quick chat with up-and-coming trooper Nelly Dragon, who concludes the show with another special guest mix.

Tracklist - Dekmantel:
Zvrra - Prohibited
SKY H1 - Darklite
Fawzi - Kilmeh
Erika de Casier - Friendly (Nick Léon Remix)
John Glacier - If Anything
Parris & Call Super - Poison Pudding
Alberta Balsam - Cascade
BSS - Westerpark (forthcoming on Dekmantel Records)
Interstellar Funk - Serum (forthcoming on Dekmantel Records)
Ineffekt - Kora

Tracklist - M I M I:
Brian Eno - Atmospheric Lightness
Steeltongued 2 (Tobias Lilja remix)
Brian Eno - Reflection
smog - Dazzle
Terry Bliss - Gloggy
Egroj - UPS
C O N T X T - Tread Together
Laughing Ears - 30’N.
Ikaz Boi feat. Stavo & Olazermi - Code 46
Flore - Coded Language
NAJIB - Tahrir
crat - Stemgeluid
obsequies - Gender Violence
Alice Coltrane - Transcendence