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We're proud to present Dekmantel Radio over at Echobox: a monthly three-hour show for reconnecting familiar faces and amplifying newfangled voices. New music, label news, tips and recommendations are brought to you by Team Dekmantel in the first hour, followed by two guest shows hosted by local and international artists, showcasing established and upcoming talents from Amsterdam and beyond.

Our next show is January 14th, from 4-7pm CET. Make sure to tune in here when the time comes!

Dekmantel Radio: December 17th 2021

We’re back on air, and you can now listen to the recording of the very first reinstalment of Dekmantel Radio on Echobox! Kicking things off in the first hour, you'll catch a few favourite recent releases from our own team, including new and unreleased material from Dekmantel Records. For the next hour, Belgian DJ and artist M I M I has delivered a captivating selection of tracks from Brian Eno to NAJIB, and we move on to a quick chat with up-and-coming trooper Nelly Dragon, who concludes the show with another special guest mix.

Tracklist - Dekmantel:
Zvrra - Prohibited
SKY H1 - Darklite
Fawzi - Kilmeh
Erika de Casier - Friendly (Nick Léon Remix)
John Glacier - If Anything
Parris & Call Super - Poison Pudding
Alberta Balsam - Cascade
BSS - Westerpark (forthcoming on Dekmantel Records)
Interstellar Funk - Serum (forthcoming on Dekmantel Records)
Ineffekt - Kora

Tracklist - M I M I:
Brian Eno - Atmospheric Lightness
Steeltongued 2 (Tobias Lilja remix)
Brian Eno - Reflection
smog - Dazzle
Terry Bliss - Gloggy
Egroj - UPS
C O N T X T - Tread Together
Laughing Ears - 30’N.
Ikaz Boi feat. Stavo & Olazermi - Code 46
Flore - Coded Language
NAJIB - Tahrir
crat - Stemgeluid
obsequies - Gender Violence
Alice Coltrane - Transcendence