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For the last Dekmantel Radio of 2019 – and the 2010s! – we turned the lens inward. A delegation of the Dekmantel staff rounds up tunes and moments of the departing year.

2019 has been a whirlwind, and not in the least for our weekly Dekmantel Radio. We welcomed 104 artists over to the Red Light Radio studio, from seasoned artists passing by Amsterdam to local DJs popping up just now.

This last Dekmantel Radio of 2019 features part of the Dekmantel staff, discussing what 2019 meant for electronic music, some 2019 festival moments that stuck with us, tracks from this year's Dekmantel Records catalogue and a whole bunch of our favourite tracks that came out in the past year.


Joe - Get Centred (Cómeme)
Suso Sáiz - Healthy Digestion (Music From memory)
Yu Su - Watermelon Woman (Technicolour)
Spirit - Raygun (Function)
DJ Deller - Romantic Call 2001 (white label)
upsammy - Uit Het Rijk Der Kristallen (Dekmantel
Lamellen - Horse Massage (Dekmantel)
Territroy - Sleeping Fury (Dekmantel)
Roza Terenzi - Freak n Tweak (Dekmantel)
Identified Patient - The Drip Ft. Sophie Du Palais (Dekmantel)
DJ Python - Timbrame (Dekmantel)
Stump Valley - Sunshine Hotel (No 'Label')
Betonkust & Palmbomen II - A Series Of Bad Decisions (Dekmantel)
Jex Opolis - Earth Boy (Dekmantel)
Felix Da Housecat - Freakadelica (Dekmantel)
Bufiman - Sara Sara (Dekmantel)
Palms Trax - To Paradise (Dekmantel)
Freedom Engine - Shinkansen (Dekmantel)
Stellar OM Source - White Echoes (Dekmantel)
Neon Chambers - Helles (Dekmantel)
Erika de Casier - Space (Independent Jeep Music)
Dinamarca - 4X (Staycore)
J-Zbel - Le Riddim Du Bardouin (Brothers From Different Mothers)
James Messiah - Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me) (Levels)
Air Max '97 - Bruxis (Timedance)
Object Blue - FUCK THE STASIS (self-released)
De Ambassade - Malefica (Knekelhuis)
Forest Drive West - Other (Whities)
Anthony Naples - Fog FM (ANS)
33EMYBW - Arthropods Continent Ft. Li Jianhong (Ikonika remix) (SVBKVLT)
DJ Plead - Shoulder Pop (Nervous Horizon)
Stenny - Stress Test (Illian Tape)
JPEGMAFIA - Beta Male Strategies (self-released)
Konduku - Kobalt (Nous'Klaer)
rRoxymore - Forward Flamingo (Don't Be Afraid)
Meetsysteem - Geen Signaal (Elkan remix) (Nous'Klaer)
Solange - Stay Flo (Columbia)