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Erik Madigan Heck
So Much Love

'So Much Love' blends together a selection of music that influenced the creation of the Safe Passage LP by Frits Wentink and Erik Madigan Heck.

These were the records that informed the conversations Erik had with Frits over the course of 2020 - records that played in his mind and helped him articulate the vision he had for the project that Frits ultimately brought to life with his beautiful final score.

It spans classical and ambient music from Arvo Part, Loscil, Julianna Barwick, Enya, Marcel Dettmann, Shadowax, Burial, Calibre, and Source Direct; and includes remixes of ‘Safe Passage’ from Matthew Herbert, The Soft Pink Truth, East of Oceans, BvDub, and Frits Wentink. The mix uses cyclical repetitions of samples from Roni Size’s 'Electricks'- one of Erik’s favorite tracks from high school- Tilda Swinton’s voice from the album narration, and my son Felix’s voice as he articulates his dreams.

It’s built as a giant crescendo that moves between different genres- building and then de-crescendoing into an abstract ambient soundscape created with the 'Allovers Hi Hat Generator'- processing Frits Wentink's original stems from the album. During this final chapter of the mix, the ambient section goes from 200bpm to 66pm- representative of how old Erik’s mom was when she died; and ultimately finishes with the BvDub 'Safe Passage remix'.

Erik titled the mix 'So Much Love'. So much love is a sample from Tilda’s a capella, and is the overall message he hopes to give with their entire release.

Credits: Films by Nassia Kalamakis re-ordered, and edited by Erik Madigan Heck

1. Mobb Deep, “Shook Ones Pt. 2” Acapella intro
2. Arvo Part, “L’Abbe Agathon”
3. Loscil, “Container Ships”
4. Tilda Swinton Acapella
5. Julianna Barwick, “Inspirit”
6. The Soft Pink Truth “Safe Passage / The Weight of Pleasure Remix”
7. Matthew Herbert “Safe Passage Withers Dub”
8. Frits Wentink “Safe Passage / The Garden Remix”
9. Source Direct “Black Rose” (Blawan remix)
10. Roni Size “Elecktricks”
11. Calibre “Fire and Water”
12. Tilda Swinton Acapella
13. Enya “Cusum Peficio”
14. Burial “Versus”
15. Buttechno ” J Become”
16. Shadowax “Ochen”
17. Marcel Dettmann “Tattered”
18. Tilda Swinton Acapella
19. Mike Dehnert “Sans Cesse”
20. Yaleesa Hall & Malin “First Carol”
21. East of Oceans “Hard Red”
22. Allover Hi-Hats “Safe Passage Compilation Mix”
23. Tilda Swinton Acapella
24. BvDub “Safe Passage-Breathless Haunts / Crush of Air Remix”