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Our new In Focus mix series have been brought to life during times of isolation. And what’s better than spending your time diving into new music or DJ-sets from artists you admire? That’s what we thought.

The next couple of weeks, we will be asking one artist each week to deliver a mix build around a self-picked theme. Everyone is free to do what and how they feel like, and create something special for themselves and everyone who’s keen to give it a listen too. We hope you enjoy.

In Focus 001 - Palms Trax

Who else would be better to kick off with than our dear friend Palms Trax? Not only has Jay been a favourite of ours for years, he has become probably everyone else's as well. His contribution to In Focus is one we have listened to in one go: a "100% originals, features, edits and remixes by Joaquin Joe Claussell" mix, which resulted in a stirring and spiritual tribute to one of the all-time greats.

Palms Trax: "Over the last couple of years I’ve found his music to have this wonderful effect on a dancefloor where the whole place can feel like it’s levitating, so when lockdown hit I started going through his records at home and found it to be incredibly healing. Hopefully some people out there feel the same way!".

In Focus 002 - Jameszoo

Last week, we kicked off the brand new series with close family member Palms Trax who did a Joaquin Joe Claussell tribute, and we’re happy Jameszoo jumped on the train as well to do the next. Let's admit it right away: he has absolutely blown our minds by cooking up a 𝟐𝟒 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐦𝐢𝐱 (!) for In Focus. A favourite digger of ours blows his collection wide open to soundtrack a perfect rotation of the earth: "brushing teeth, eating dinner... losing and regaining focus many times." What a champ.

Jameszoo: "For me real focus is too scarce to be able to rely on it. It comes and it goes without me feeling like I have got a firm grip on it. Luckily, I very much enjoy the shift of focus. I enjoy it when focus is there, but also when it becomes fluid again. I remember seeing a 6 hour chunk of Christian Marclays 'The Clock' where fragments of film together with my own (lack of) focus created ever changing new narratives.

During these following 24 hours of music, it will certainly become night and then day again, the earth will rotate once (perfectly), we will brush our teeth and eat dinner, and most likely we will lose and regain focus many times. If anything it will help to bring us to this exact moment one day from now — enjoy."

In Focus 003 - Dimi Angélis

Dimi: "The mix is recorded during the last ANGLS Locked stream I’ve been doing at my studio every two weeks since we were in lockdown. Most of the time I pick a theme for the show, and after doing one on Regis, Surgeon, The Advent and Luke Slater, it was about time to do a Jeff Mills special.

This got a bit out of hand time-wise though and ended up being 4.5 (!) hours. Mills is so diverse, but in general it’s always deep. After all, this mix is kind of a club night trip. I start the mix like I would do in a club, but only added a bit more ambient and soundscape-stuff to the beginning.I found the original length being a bit too long for a podcast though, so I decided to take that first part - including the more atmosphere-y beginning - off. It’s almost 3 hours full of Mills stuff now, and overall I hope it shows his diversity and what he stands for. Almost everything he has been doing sound-wise comes along within the mix."