Dekmantel | Take over: Dekmantel at Future Intel
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Dekmantel at Future Intel: February 2022

What a treat: recordings of our Future Intel takeover with mad miran & Zohar, Parrish Smith, BSS, Jasmín, Caline with C and Mukuna have just hit the world wide web! Hours and hours of listening pleasure to dive into, but sadly there’s also a more pressing note that reached us: the Future Intel crew had to evict their building, as it was set to be repurposed by the government.


Broadcasting from Future Intel’s stunning headquarters, we have Amsterdam/Basel-based whirlwind Mukuna to set our Dekmantel takeover in motion.

Caline with C

Caline with C was fiercely taking control — the Vilnius/The Hague talent brought heavy artillery to the Future Intel studio, so better be warned.


Turn it up a notch and indulge Jasmín's wild tapestry of tough riddims, razor-sharp percussion and the ever-surprising curveballs she pulls from her sleeve.


BSS checked in for a one-hour voyage into his microcosm of brooding textures and brooding rhythm workouts.

mad miran & Zohar

Take heed, listeners: mad miran goes back-to-back with Zohar for a ferocious wrap up of our Future Intel takeover.

Dekmantel at Future Intel: September 2021

Starring the likes of upsammy, Cinnaman, Mary Lake, Suze Ijó and others, consider this a seven-hour trove of music to feast your ears on.


Close friend Cinnaman in his stunning eclectic signature style for the final hour.

Mary Lake

Amsterdam whirlwind Mary Lake serves up an exercise in rhythmic, grinding and intertwining electronics.

Alberta Balsam

High voltages and electrifying synths — Rotterdam's Alberta Balsam dives into electronic hyper space.

DJ Corridor

Better hold tight: Garage Noord resident DJ Corridor is shaking things up with a bag of bold and heavy rhythms.


Tune in for a young master at work: upsammy with her enchanting brand of cutting edge electronics — catch her transmitting sonic intel from the future.

Suze Ijó

A simmering blend of breaks, eccentric disco and Chicago house with Rotterdam’s deep digger Suze Ijó.


Kicking things off smoothly is our very own BertBert.