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Together with our partner Grolsch we continue our collaboration by presenting a new Selectors video on New York City’s seasoned DJ Danny Krivit. Krivit, who has been part of the music scene for five decades now, was at the forefront of the birth of house music back in the eighties and has a longtime history in disco and soul.

Next to that, he was a familiar face at legendary clubs as the Paradise Garage and The Loft, and still is in important key figure the city’s current scene. The video shines light on him as a DJ, but most importantly highlights what has been keeping Krivit in the game for such a long time. Next to letting Krivit telling the story, the video involves close (music) friends and family like his partner Akemi Krivit, Abigail Adams (Movin’ Records), Elbin Reyes, Juhsoong Sun and Paul Raffaele (Most Excellent Unlimited Records), who all explain what make Danny a true DJ’s DJ.

This year Krivit is joining Dekmantel Festival for the second time, after he played the festival in 2014 together with Francois K and Joe Claussell as Body & Soul. Having him over for a three hours set on the Grolsch Selectors stage is an exciting first, as Krivit’s is a true DJ’s DJ - someone that puts endless energy in his preparations and selections. Krivit: “I think I have a very unique experience. Growing up where I did, the surroundings that I had along the music and the way it was around me. Just that timing of the change of time, the open mindedness and the freedom that came along with it.” Though, after all this time, he’s as humble as it gets. “I’ve never seen somebody who is so devoted so passionate to and about his music, and has an endless dedication to constantly ​learning​ music. It’s not about him. It’s not about him deejaying, or about him showing off his skills; he plays for people and plays to make people happy. That’s his number one priority”, says his wife Akemi Krivit.

The documentary shines light on his endless love for music and shows how his life mostly exists out of daily record store visits. “I’m not easily satisfied; I’m looking for depth, I’m looking for substance. I always get excited when I find those records that stick out, that seem to be different”, says Krivit. The video also shows how he’s massively involved in his 718 Sessions parties and how he comes from a lineage of DJ’s that play music with positive messages in them. “That’s something you hear in interviews when you hear stories about Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan and David Mancuso - I think Danny is a direct descendant from that line of thinking and playing”, says Paul Raffaele who co-runs Most Excellent Unlimited Records with Krivit. All together, Krivit is simply one of a kind - someone who’s in it for all the right reasons and is there to stay. Krivit: “You always get these people that are fighting against the grain. It’s a little like in life the way grass grows through the cement - it does anyway. That’s why they really call it the underground, these are not the mass of people. The feelings and experiences that I had in the clubs after all these years, it’s like I’m at my peak of enjoying it. After five decades, I’m not slowing it down.”

Director & Cinematographer: Filipe Zapelini
Camera Assistant: Pedro Carvalho
Producer: Melisa Cenik
Scenario & Interviews: Eelco Couvreur
Edit: Filipe Zapelini & Gabriel Honzik
Sound Design: Ben Kruse
Color Grading: Ben Federman

Thanks to: Danny Krivit, Jusoong Sun, Akemi Krivit, Elbin Reyes, Paul Raffaele, Abigail Adams, A-1 Records, Human Head, Public Records, The Mixtape Shop, Superior Elevation, Good Room, Lauren Murada, Marco Weibel, Olavo Kuhn & Sol Montoya