Dekmantel | Selectors Podcast 017 - Raphaël Top-Secret
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French/Belgian selector Raphaël Top-Secret is known for his notorious digging skills, which he prefers to put in practice at the best Parisian record stores or unknown flee markets.

In his earlier days, he used to dj frequently with Antinote label boss Zaltan, touching on everything in between balearic, boogie, reggae, world music, disco and house. As a producer, Raphaël’s work is remarkable too — his ‘Love So High’ EP dropped in 2016 on the same label and three dance floor gems we still can’t get enough of. It should come as no surprise that we’re more than happy to have Raphaël joining us not only for Dekmantel Selectors, but also for Lente Kabinet later in May.

For us, he put together a special mix that covers and touches on many genres. Raphaël on is own podcast for us: "This mix going from 90s hip-hop and R&B to downtempo, house and tropical dance. Overall, it's stuff that I recently found out about and that I really wanted to incorporate in a mix. Beside that, it includes long time favorites as well. I only had two days to do the mix, so the approach was more spontaneous - it was quite fun to do as I was less prepared and just went with the flow. Hope you'll like the vibe and see you in Tisno!".