Dekmantel | Selectors Podcast 018 - Tom Trago
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Next up in our Selectors Podcast series is Tom Trago, one of the main key players of Amsterdam's nightlife.

Having grown up in a musical family, he picked up on his love for music really fast and has been making music from the age of 15 ever since. A collaboration with Aardvarck and Awanto3, a debut single on Rush Hour and many DJ-sets worldwide followed, which made Trago the acclaimed musician he is today. We also had the honour to release Trago’s LP 'Bergen', which was made in the same-titled village in The Netherlands and sees him putting out music through a new live set-up.

In anticipation of Dekmantel Selectors, Trago cooked up a special mix for us containing lots of disco and summer-vibes. "This mix is dedicated to those late summer nights and early mornings. Mostly tracks that i play when i feel that there is freedom and acceptance among the crowd. A lot of home listenings jams And easy groovers. Sit back And relax!".