Dekmantel | Selectors Podcast 019 - Strange Boutique
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Strange Boutique a.k.a. Femke Dekker and Nicole Martens have two important things in common: their love for art and music.

Whilst Dekker works as an art curator at De School, Martens is a visual artists and every now and then teaches design at the well-known institute Willem de Kooning over the past years. The kindred spirits they proved to be excellent curators: not only when it comes to art, but also behind the decks, playing everything in between ambient, experimental music and more crazy exciting stuff. That being said, inviting them over for their debut at Dekmantel Selectors sounded like the ultimate match.

In anticipation of that, the duo served up a mix full of tracks from outstanding artists like Beatrice Dillon, I:Cube, Green Vision, Cos/Mes and De Leon. Danclefloor gems meet experimental vibes. Strange Boutique: "Usually when we’re asked to create a mixtape, there's this one song that becomes the core of the mix and the way it's build up. In this case it was 'Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest’ by The Fireman. Most of you will know that The Fireman is the moniker of English producer Youth aka Martin Glover of Killing Joke and the Orb fame and Paul McCartney. Both of us are huge McCartney fans and both his solo work, as well as The Wings and of course The Beatles has found a way into our various projects." Get to know the duo at its best.