Dekmantel | Selectors Podcast Suze Ijó
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Second up in this year’s series of Dekmantel Selectors Podcasts is one of Rotterdam’s finest DJs, Suze Ijó.

Making her way up the ranks only recently, she’s in fact been invested in music for years — both with DJing as with working behind the scenes, having been active behind clubnights at Rotterdam’s club Bird and now working behind the counter at Clone Records. Her style goes from anything between jazz and techno, with a certain warmth and soul being the constant factor. And with the legendary The Loft parties being a central source of inspiration, we can easily see why.

This mix she delivers right here oozes of the warmth, soul and overall vibrancy that she built her name around. The central theme of this trip is ‘Astro Black’, fittingly kicking off with the track under that name by Sun Ra Arkestra’s June Tyson, and as a whole embodies her recent fondness for “spacey, cosmic afro and tribal sounds”. Seductive basslines flow from jazz, soul, disco, house and techno, to ultimately return to jazz, fully completing the cycle. It makes up for a 76 minutes of music to drift away to, either for for closed-eye listening at home or for those glowing hours in the club.