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The Dekmantel Selectors podcast series has become tradition. Each year, we ask a few artists from the line-up to deliver a mix in anticipation of the new edition.

Selectors Podcast 028 - DJ Python

Even before Dulce Compañia, which introduced the Python alias to the world, Brian Piñeyro has been providing a wide array of unique sounds to those who care to listen. To be fair, he makes it hard not to care, and also to describe his ambling, dembow-inspired rhythms as something other than ‘deep reggaeton’. But if Piñeyro has taught us one thing, it is that music is just moods flowing into one another. Sometimes, the mood is a percussive therapy session, and sometimes it warps drone-driven electronica, tingly synths, and steely dancehall.

It is unsurprising that this mix is all about the mood too. A 60-minute journey across genuinely emotive songs and honeyed hymns. In his words, it’s just about “enjoying the time with people around you, whatever shape the people or the time may take”. When listening to this mix, keep in mind DJ Python’s approach to making soup: you can only really do it well if you allow yourself to move beyond the recipe. The only thing left to do is let go and get locked in.

Selectors Podcast 029 - Mika Oki

Mika Oki is probably best described as a sensory artist. Heavily influenced by a background in sculpture and electro-acoustic music, her work frequently revolves around weaving together sound and vision – simultaneously creating and exploring intangible spaces, be it in installations, performance pieces, music, or mixes. And when it comes to the latter, Mika Oki has proven, time and time again, that an amalgamation of grime, reggaeton and dancehall might just be an essential component of a well-crafted, esoteric soundscape.

What you’ll hear in this industrial and organic mix partly derives from Mika Oki’s friends, producers and residents at LYL radio, as it happens that she recently opened the third, Brussels-based branch of the Belgian webradio together with a collection of dedicated musicians. Combined with sounds reminiscent of “broken machinery” and a “glitched, collapsing world”, we are left with a celestial selection that converges across the realm of sonic experimentation and - somewhat otherworldly - club rhythms. One thing is for certain: this mix will leave you wondering what you were doing before you started tuning in, once it’s over.


Tomi Yard - OR64N
Lara Sarkissian - A Ceremony (for Arax)
Renick Bell & Fis - Perc Set 02 H
Alec Empire - 22:24
YUNIS - Hajar Al-Sha'yan (حجر الشقيان)
Katatonic Silenio - Waiting For The Dust To Settle (ZULI Remix)
K I A - Slavery Of Mortality - A Strange Wedding
Jigga - Muslimgauze
Amor Satyr & Sui Mata - Nah
Klahrk & Roxas - Ulya's Misery
Nick León - Latigazo
Einstürzende Neubauten - Yu-Gung (Adrian Sherwood Remix)
Madd Spider - Hot Water Riddim (Instrumental)
STILL - Rough Rider (Low Jack Remix)
Nazar - Pressure
Manuka Honey - Industrial Princess
FKOFF1963 - Despertar De Um Devaneio
CORIN - Enantiodromia
Kris Baha - Notion Of Dismay
Duma - Cape to Cairo
Teleself - Temporary Transit
Spiral Tribe - Black Plastic
NVST - Depths Of A Flavour (Whenitringsinthenight After Party Version)
Lostsoundbytes - Parallel intrusion
Caïn و Muchi – Shining شائنين
Twilight Circus - Ultra Binghi [Brain Melter Mix]
georg-i - Body Static
Bitter Babe x Nick León - SMS_229-305
Glass - Appointment Scheduling System
Maoupa Mazzocchetti - Unreleased
Vinakonda - O
yab; yvanko - Biome21

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