Dekmantel | Zomer Kabinet Festival moves to 2022
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We’re saddened to announce that Zomer Kabinet festival 2021 is not taking place this year. After times of uncertainty, promises and hope, the Dutch government has decided that events like ours are off the map until mid September. It’s hard to digest that this effectively means the end of the Dutch festival summer, especially since events are held safely in many other countries and the desired vaccination coverage is achieved. As much as we’d have loved to welcome you this year, it means we don’t have any other choice other than to face this bitter reality and postpone Zomer Kabinet Festival to June 4th and 5th, 2022.

The past few months have been a constant challenge to us and everyone we work with. From all setbacks and disappointments that already crossed our paths, we were able to draw this extra bit of hope and inspiration to go all-in to make Zomer Kabinet happen. The beautiful fields of ’t Twiske, a tantalising program of music, arts and culture from artists we admire, and of course all of you — to welcome you and for you all to collectively experience it all, is what makes our festivals what they are. Standing where we are now, once again calling off this event, is a hurtful disappointment and a direct financial threat to our small independent organisation, as it is for many organisations in our scene and the cultural field at large. Months of our work just evaporates, and for our artists, freelancers, production crew, and all others that we’re closely working together with, and to all of you, this means yet another blow we have to overcome.

To all ticket holders: we first of all owe a big thank-you for the trust you’ve put in us throughout these past times by holding onto your tickets. It means a great deal to us, and without this support we wouldn’t have been able to keep doing what we love most. The same construction applies again: you can directly support us by keeping your ticket for next year. It doesn’t require any action for your side, but it helps us immensely and secures you a spot for an edition that might be more anticipated than ever. There are also options for refunds or donations of your tickets; all ticket holders receive an email about these options today (Friday August 13th).

It’s time to look ahead now. More details about the new Lente Kabinet weekend will follow in due time. We’ll take our time to work on our 2022 edition and its line-up with a fresh pair of eyes and ears, a revamped program will be crafted in the quality you know us for. We understand there might still be questions, but please allow us time to figure out this complex situation. In the meantime we ask you to read our announcements, FAQ and emails before reaching out to our support. We’ll see each other in 2022.

Much love,
Team Zomer Kabinet