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Welcome to our liveblog! A full-blown feed of our entire event, updated throughout the 10 days of Dekmantel Connects. A chance for you to keep track of what’s happening at the moment, with photos, videos, background info and live updates. For more practical information and timetables, check out our program page or the info page. For any assistance, email us at [email protected]. For now, stay tuned!

Monday 21 December - 23:10

Day 8 is a wrap!

A blues-beating Monday is over and Day 8 of Dekmantel Connects is a wrap.

Tomorrow we move into the final 48hrs of our maiden voyage for this project — and with the likes of upsammy, Coco Bryce, Identified Patient, Job Sifre, mad miran, Cinnaman & more to come, there is no slowing down now until the finish line.

Monday 21 December - 23:00

Photo Gallery: DJ Show: STERAC & Deniro

A b2b performance that showed techno at its very best: deep, propulsive, hard-charging and raw. Steve Rachmad and Deniro, that was an education — thank you

Monday 21 December - 21:30

DJ Show: STERAC & Deniro

To cap off a full day, two techno goliaths are here to face-off on the decks: Deniro meets STERAC, aka legendary Dutch techno veteran Steve Rachmad. Another fiery Bud NL DJ show awaits — they are live, going b2b now Join us!

Monday 21 December - 20:37

Photo Gallery: Panel: Desiging creative resistance and counter culture

A roundtable between some of the most trusted voices in our club infrastructure, on what their work within culture means and how to sustain it: thank you Shirin, Olaf, Jetti, Eelco and Gomes. This was a truly thought-provoking edition of our panels with Lynk & Co.

Monday 21 December - 20:36

Live Act: Parrish Smith w/ Nikki Hock

Dekmantel family man Parrish Smith always brings his brilliantly dark and unrelenting barrage of techno, industrial and EBM. For this special show he has collaborated with Nikki Hock, a multidisciplinary artist who sculpts spaces and environments to create experiential landscapes. One not to miss.

Monday 21 December - 19:17

Panel: Desiging creative resistance and counter culture

Our Dekmantel Connects panel today contains four specialists from the world of clubland – Olaf Boswijk (formerly Trouw), Jetti Steffers (BAR), Shirin Mirachor (MONO) and Gomes (OI) – to discuss the role of counter-culture and how creative resistance can function. They are in conversation with Eelco Couvreur now.

Monday 21 December - 19:04

Photo gallery: A massive thanks to the amazing crew of Bureau Punt!

A massive thanks to the amazing crew of Bureau Punt for providing a day full of great selections only!

Monday 21 December - 18:43

Now playing: Young Nudy - 4l Gang Shit (by Bao G)

Monday 21 December - 18:00

Live now: Bao G

Ferociously hard trap tunes that resonate her feelings at that time and place: Bao G is in the building to tell her musical story for the upcoming hour.

Monday 21 December - 17:45

Now playing: Ivy Lab - Teacup (by Jerrausama)

Monday 21 December - 17:15

Live now: Jerrausama

With a playful charisma and an adventurous ear, Jerrausama is one of the best young house DJs in The Netherlands — the perfect dose of energy to carry Bureau Punt's radio takeover through to its final stages.

Monday 21 December - 16:22

Photo gallery: Bureau Punt is halfway through the day...

Sekan and Lion Kojo served up some soul, funk and hip-hop in the early afternoon, and AMPFEMININE are still going strong for the next 30 minutes. Jerrausama and Bao G are coming up as well, so keep locked in for the good selections.

Monday 21 December - 15:55


AMPFEMININE Collective is a diverse collective based in Rotterdam aiming to create more opportunity for women and minorities in the nightlife scene, as well as events that are safe spaces for anyone and everyone. They're live now until 16:00, lock in.

Monday 21 December - 14:00

Live now: Lion Kojo

Lion Kojo is serving up Monday lunch selections as part of Bureau Punt's radio takeover, with the Amsterdam-based DJ drawing extensively from his heritage and his vision of the modern dancefloor.

Monday 21 December - 12:30

Now playing: Hiroshi Suzuki - Kuro To Shiro (by Sekan)

Monday 21 December - 12:11

Live now: Sekan

Characterized by a broad musical taste and deep knowledge of various genres, Sekan attracts a wide range of music lovers. He's easing us into the afternoon with a selection varying from J. Cole to Hiroshi Suzuki.

Monday 21 December - 11:00

Get to know: Bureau Punt

Dekmantel Connects extends an invitation to Amsterdam-based creative agency and platform Bureau Punt. Founded by business savvy savant Ghamte Schmidt, and home to talented DJ’s and artists including Carista, Lion Kojo and Jerrausama, the agency is known for its creative endeavours and the development of nightlife concepts such as PAINT, FAMIRIE and LIVE AT THE BBQ. Bureau Punt aims to provide a space where artists can express themselves, without having to compromise their art, all the while contributing to culture by bringing people together. Operating at the intersection of art and music, with strong ties to the creative community of the city, Bureau Punt also manages the careers of visual artists StikStok and Faria van Creij-Callender. For Dekmantel Connects, this team of true creative centipedes conjured up a program where all these artistic expressions in the form of visual art and music meet and come together.

Sit tight or transform your living room into an intimate club for Bureau Punt’s radio show! Kicking off with Sekan and followed up by Bureau Punt household name Lion Kojo who then gives the baton to the Rotterdam based collective AMPFEMININE and Jerrausama, who closes the show.

Words by Chelsea Pachito

Monday 21 December - 08:38

With just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday left, we’re not slowing down yet

Week 2 of Dekmantel Connects is upon us! With just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday left, we’re not slowing down yet. The opposite is true: we’re cramming in as much as we can.

Bureau Punt kick off the activities today. We’ll be publishing a little read about them shortly, but the short version is this: they are one on The Netherlands’ strongest talent agencies, and will be bringing DJs from across the country up to the platter for a 7-hour radio takeover. Expect everything from hard-edged bass workouts to sultry R&B.

Our afternoon panel today contains four specialists from the world of clubland – Olaf Boswijk (formerly Trouw), Jetti Steffers (BAR), Shirin Mirachor (MONO) and Gomes (OI) – to discuss how creative movements can be formed from the ground-up.

Then, onto a pair of collaborative performances to close the evening. Parrish Smith, Dekmantel family for years now, will bring his hard-as-nails + punk-as-fuck stylings to the table with visual artist Nikki Hock matching moods. And then, a goliath face-off in our back-to-back DJ arena, as трип’s Deniro meets STERAC, aka the legendary Dutch techno veteran Steve Rachmad.

Whew! Lots to look forward to. We hope it blasts away the Monday blues.

Monday 21 December - 08:34

Week 2 of Dekmantel Connects begins with a bang

Week 2 of Dekmantel Connects begins with a bang!

Coming up today: a techno heavyweight b2b between STERAC and Deniro, electro-deviant Parrish Smith live with Nikki Hock, a panel with envoys from Trouw, BAR and MONO, and a full Bureau Punt radio takeover. The programme kicks off from noon — catch it below.

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