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V/A Dekmantel Ten: A Decade of Dekmantel Festival

€125.00 Release date: 13 September 2024


  • 7x12" Vinyl Box (Incl. Download Card) €125.00

Tracklist 7x12" Vinyl Box (Incl. Download Card)

Vinylbox comes with Bandcamp downloadcard included

Dekmantel Ten is a mirror of Dekmantel Festival. The 7x12" boxset includes seven records that mirror the seven stages to be found at the 2024 event, their 10th edition since 2013. The tracklisting isn't rigid — some of the musicians gathered here have in fact played at most of the available stages — but like a Möbius strip looping round, or a cat-and-mouse game, it's not hard to discern a symbiotic relationship. Split seven ways, DKMNTL100 is a testament to the art of curation and the importance of quality control.

At artist level, Dekmantel Ten finds room for several artists — including Karenn, Jeff Mills and Marcel Dettmann — who played at the very first Dekmantel Festival in 2013, and are by now impossible to detach. The Loop's disc contains names whose stories have dovetailed alongside the festival, concluding in memorable headline moments: Young Marco, Palms Trax and Alchemical Sisters, aka Eris Drew and Octo Octa.

Widen the lens and you'll find history from across the landscape: the laboratories of professorial techno (Dasha Rush, Steve Rachmad, DJ Nobu) and gilded halls of house (Steffi, Luca Lozano, Bufiman); varied soundsystem icons (Kode9, Adrian Sherwood, DVS1) meeting limelights of contemporary Amsterdam (upsammy, Identified Patient, Zohar); as well as the modern conduits channelling decades of outernational vibrations (Nick León, BADSISTA, Animistic Beliefs, Veracco and a great many more).

All 44 artists presenting exclusive material are indispensable into the Dekmantel story to date, and no doubt make up future developments over the horizon. That goes for the areas, too: Because while the seven stages found at Dekmantel Festival are individually resonant enough that they could become splinter festivals in their own right, it's that union which lends the core festival its strength.