Dekmantel | Palms Trax - In Gold
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Palms Trax In Gold

€11.00 Release date: 16 March 2015


Tracklist Vinyl (12")

"I can’t even afford bed linen, let alone a 909". The unpretentious of Jay Donaldson is disarming in many different ways. We consider Donaldson aka Palms Trax to be one of the most promising new artists to date. His sound situates him firmly along the Chicago-Detroit axis, cooking up pad-driven jams, off kilter drums and hazy synths that shift like a gentle musical tide. In 2013 he inaugurated the Lobster Theremin label, the London-based imprint that quickly became one of the most talked about record labels around. When not travelling the world for prime-time gigs Donaldson holds a residency at the widely respected Berlin Community Radio. It's with great pleasure that we welcome golden boy Palms Trax to Dekmantel Records.

2016 Repress, comes in generic Dekmantel label sleeve.