Dekmantel | Call Super - Nervous Sex Traffic
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Call Super Nervous Sex Traffic

€11.00 Release date: 15 April 2016


Tracklist Vinyl (12")

Call Super never takes the safe road. The London but now Berlin based DJ and musician has carved out his own place in the landscape of electronic music. He dares to challenge his audiences to the fullest with brittle percussive chaos, off-kilter bass lines and haunted, esoteric melodies. His strength most definitely lies in his variety, both playing and producing music that draws from early Perlon bliss and bone-crushing-missile-techno. After producing one of the standout LPs of 2014 (the critically acclaimed Suzi Ecto), cooking up a Dekmantel Podcast and performing at last year’s festival, Call Super now makes his Dekmantel Records debut.

Nervous Sex Traffic’s title gets you off on the wrong foot. A nine-minute long house odyssey, Call Super wraps your head around brain warming chord progressions and an organic sub-bass that keeps on giving. Subtle, progressive, mind-blowing. Mount Grace on the other hand, draws from a clanking, industrial sound palette. Endlessly deep, spacious and dub-heavy, this electro inspired excursion teases the bass synth in slowly, but starts to go wild as the music builds up.