Dekmantel | Robert Hood - Paradygm Shift - Vol 2
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Robert Hood Paradygm Shift - Vol 2

€11.00 Release date: 06 June 2016


Tracklist Vinyl (12")

Earlier this year, Dekmantel announced the signing of Robert Hood for a new project titled Paradygm Shift. Over the course of three different EPs, which will eventually evolve into an album, the Detroit but now Alabama based legend presents Paradygm Shift. Hood: "The idea behind Paradygm Shift is similar to a shift in our focus. We can become so complacent; we are so comfortable with our surroundings, I think this is the time for electronic music to find a new mindset."

Volume II serves up two more killer techno floor bombs by the never disappointing originator. 'Master Jack' is a classy and deadly effective cut that gets its strength from a simple, yet biting stack of funky chords, while pulsating bass lines and rattling hats are holding it together. More fast-paced action can be found on 'Magnet', a no-nonsense, minimalist stomper you can store in your peak-time section. Refined techno action times two, but what did you expect?