Dekmantel | Matrixxman - Sector I: Rhythm
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Matrixxman Sector I: Rhythm

€11.00 Release date: 09 November 2016


  • Vinyl (12") €11.00

Tracklist Vinyl (12")

Matrixxman has been a Dekmantel regular for a couple of years now. The San Francisco producer continues to impress with a new triptych for Dekmantel Records. Over the course of three EP’s (Rhythm, Acid, Polyphony), Charles McCloud Duff displays his versatile and original take on house and techno. The concept of the triptych is to explore the range within the confines of a particular limitation.

The first scheduled EP is called “Sector I: Rhythm” and is, obviously, an exercise in rhythm. Just because a track is entirely composed of drums does not mean it has to be lifeless or devoid of feeling. Given the right approach, drums can be symphonic and even tell an exciting tale in their own right. The four-tracker serves up classic rhythms tracks and is a party from the crust to the run-out, checking off Plastikmanesque styles with ‘Process’ and proper Spartan rhythmic patterns on ‘Mainframes 2.0’. Matrixxman never overstuffs his tracks, ‘Glyph’ being the perfect example of a flanging and spacious rhythmic rundown. ‘Instigator’ rounds things of in style, melting layers of drum effects and bone-rattling machine rhythm.