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Introducing artist picks, worthwhile releases handpicked by artists close to us. After 3Phaz selected by Deena Abdelwahed, Lauren Hansom explains why Tornado Wallace's Midnight Mania stood out to her.

Tornado Wallace - Midnight Mania, picked by Lauren Hansom

April 3, 2020

"Tornado Wallace’s new LP titled 'Midnight Mania' is one of my favourite releases of the month. Perhaps it's because I am back in nature in Australia and the layered textures of psychedelic melodies and organic percussion are fitting... Or perhaps 'Midnight Mania' is my pick of the month because the whole 5 track mini LP is absolutely genius and wild (not to mention Stacie Ant's accompanying video to the title track of the album). Definitely one not to miss." - Lauren Hansom

Listen to Midnight Mania here:

Midnight Mania is out on Optimo Records, and available at the label's Bandcamp.

3Phaz - Three Phase, picked by Deena Abdelwahed

March 18, 2020

"When first heard 3Phaz Live in Lyon during Nuits Sonores, it got me super excited and emotional. The chances to attend live shows or DJ set of an artist who deconstructs music of your local surroundings, and adapts it to this context contemporary club, is rare. He goes way beyond just using sound references to exoticize his tracks — he surely was inspired by today’s club culture to express Mahraganat music. Classy mixing and exciting arrangements, I use and abuse his tracks in my DJ sets." - Deena Abdelwahed

Listen to Dawayer here:

Three Phase releases March 27 on 100Copies, pre-order on vinyl or at the label's Bandcamp.