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Our podcast series represents the artists we as Dekmantel connect with, embodying their musical variety and broadening our horizon. Check out the latest episodes in the paragraphs below or browse the full series at the bottom of the page.

Dekmantel Podcast 241 - Adam X

Proud Brooklynite Adam X is one of the most pivotal figures in techno. As a founding father of the US rave scene with his brother Frankie Bones, he played hard and fast in the early years before losing himself in industrial. Having very much driven the revival of interest in that style, he remains at the sharp edge of the scene from his current home in Berlin, where he continues to turn out raw and visceral sounds on his Sonic Groove label.

To read in depth about his backstory, check out the recent feature we did with Adam while you dive into his podcast. It is a timeless two hour selection that covers deeper techno as well as the sheet metal synths and hammering beats Adam is known for. Strobe lit, sweaty and grimy, it oozes the sort of realness that has always separated him from the crowd.

Dekmantel Podcast 240 - Heap

Austrian music obsessive Heap is someone who always digs deep into the past, but also the present. His empire includes Discus Throwers, which is a concept store that deals in special gems from the world of house, techno, synth pop and kraut, as well as his Neubau label, productions on labels like ESP Institute and Berceuse Heroique and DJ sets that can be brave and beguiling or banging and brash.

For this week’s mix, Heap keeps it deep with a selection of leggy and gently cosmic disco tracks early on. His is a thoughtful take on the genre, with expansive tracks that could be brand new or 30 years old all sitting nearly next to each other. As things grower darker and more intense later on, elements of acid, electro and proto-house all make for a colourful and late night trip.

Dekmantel Podcast 239 - Galaxian

Galaxian is an arresting artist who blurs the lines between many different sounds and scenes. A militant style in the booth is matched by his helmet-wearing on stage persona: he gobbles up and spits out anything from industrial to electro, EBM to synth with an impossible amount of energy and improvisation. His dark drum programming and synth eruptions soundtrack cyber attacks that are utterly visceral and unorthodox and ah hour in his presence will leave you feeling exhausted he packs so much in.

This week we have a live recording from his gig at Concrete in Paris from December last year. It’s a blistering trip through his world, a flurry of ideas, textures and genres that sound as if they are fired from a machine gun. It will get you up on your toes and keep you there, leaving you wide eyed and ready for action no matter what time of day you listen to it.

Dekmantel Podcast 238 - Sandrien

The attention the Amsterdam scene currently enjoys is, in no small part, down to the tireless work of Sandrien. She’s been there since the nineties, with residences at Trouw and now De School, close ties to Rush Hour and also through her own parties, which have been bringing the likes of DJ Nobu and Blawan to the city for years. Her uncompromising techno style has taken her around the world and to labels like Ben Sims’ Theory, amongst others. In short, she is a living local legend.

Sandrien takes a long view on this mix, starting with an escapist ambient selection that gets your attention. It transports you to a different world before the DJ puts her foot down and brings the grooves. Things remain decidedly cinematic and intergalactic over the course of the next hour, with various shades of deep techno eventually ending up in a place of ambient beauty not far from where you started. It’s a rounded mix that begs to be played over and over.

Dekmantel Podcast 237 - Identified Patient

The Netherlands has been an incredibly fertile breeding ground for electronic music in recent years, and Identified Patient is the latest fascinating artist to emerge. For that reason we snapped him up for a debut on our UFO series just this month: his Signals In Snakes EP is four tracks of beguiling acid, darkwave and industrial electronics that exist in their own weird universe and come after a breakout Boiler Room show and plenty of well regarded sets at De School in Amsterdam. Always exploring new rhythms and tempos, he continues to do so with a fine entry into our mix series.

He really shows the breadth of his range here across a nearly two hour mix that starts like a soundtrack. It depicts cosmic landscapes, indigenous tribes and alien worlds through a series of sludgy rhythms and futuristic dub chuggers before more propulsive drums take you to the club. Identified Patient never hurries his work but is always moving you along, with spacious and eerie tracks, breakbeat bangers and deep minimalism all included along the way in a mix that is brilliantly evocative and otherworldly.

Dekmantel Podcast 236 - Deena Abdelwahed

Deena Abdelwahed has a two way relationship with music: in her early years back home in Tunisia when she programmed nights at Nüba, she was known for introducing the likes of footwork, UK bass and kuduro along side experimental house and techno to the local scene. Meanwhile, her own music on labels like InFine has introduced European audiences to bass and techno with plenty of fascinating Arab influences. This was best showcased on her Khonnar album late last year, which came with plenty of inventive rhythms, weird sound designs and generally challenging musical ideas.

Abdelwahed’s mix for us comes ahead of her performance at Dekmantel Festival in August and showcases her ability to twist basslines and layer in spiritual ambiance to absorbing effect. It manages to be punchy and physical yet thoughtful throughout, and also comes with plenty of the Arab influences - vocals, instrumentation, rhythms - that make her work so standout

Dekmantel Podcast 235 - Jex Opolis

Just last month, Canadian Jex Opolis debuted on our label with a cosmic and feel good electro EP that came washed in Italo influences. It was the latest in a long line of colourful releases—largely on his own Good Timin’ label—that have explored a timeless mix of synth pop, leftfield, house and nu disco since 2013. As someone with a background playing in bands, he knows how to properly arrange a track, which always shows, and he even uses his own voice for extra layers of personalisation.

His mix for us is a fun one: vocals ricochet around over boogie basslines, tropical percussions flails away next to glistening Casio keys and day-glo disco is never far away. House grooves take over later on and power through with more lush chords and it all makes for exactly the sort of thing you want to hear on an open-air, sun-kissed festival stage.

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