Dekmantel | Peter Van Hoesen - Quadra
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Peter Van Hoesen Quadra

€11.00 Release date: 30 May 2016


Tracklist Vinyl (12")

Dekmantel is adding a new series to their label called UFO. Following the same-titled stage on the annual summer festival in Amsterdam, the UFO releases focus on the same sound spectrum. In the forthcoming months, starting in May, UFO will be inaugurated by Marcel Dettmann, Randomer, DJ Stingray, Peter Van Hoesen, and Voiski.

For those who are not familiar, the UFO stage at Dekmantel Festival is the place to be when it comes to aphotic, experimental and futuristic techno, electro and electronica. With the launch of the new UFO label series, Dekmantel Records beams these aesthetics into physical audio realms. With the UFO series Dekmantel tips to the dark side of the imprint, where they will be championing ranky darkwave funk and industrial textures, jagged body music and overall destructive energy from the worlds most talented and tenebrous souls alike.

Kicking off the DKMNTL UFO series is esoteric techno stalwart Peter van Hoesen. The Berlin-based Belgian DJ and producer has attracted a dedicated following for his signature sound of psychedelic and perscussion driven productions, and will continue to do so thanks to his distinctive take on how to inaugurate our new platform. From dystopian kinetic techno (‘Cartesian Taiko’) to an anarchic and dub heavy break beat jam (‘Duet Dub’), and from the rolling and hypnotic peak-time intensifier (‘P2ME’) to synth-heavy seductive high tech soul (‘Qaudra’): Van Hoesen casually wallops you round the back of the head with gargantuan bass vibes.