Dekmantel | Various Artists - Dekmantel Anniversary Series Part 2
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Various Artists Dekmantel Anniversary Series Part 2

€9.00 Release date: 01 January 2012


Tracklist Vinyl (12")

  • Awanto 3 - Pregnant
  • Makam - Good To You
  • Lone - Risottowe

The 2nd in this fine series pops out. Showing the diverse selections of the Dekmantel crew: Awanto3 (Alfabet, Rednose Distrikt), Makim (Dkmntl) and Lone (Werk, Magic Wire, R&S) on the line up this time... TIP!To celebrate Dekmantel’s five year anniversary, the Amsterdam based label release a compilation which features tracks from friends and artists who have performed at the successful Dekmantel's parties. In a series of five EP’s the label presents the genres that they have become know for throughout The Netherlands and beyond: quality house and techno in the tradition off all the good that came out of Detroit and Chicago when it comes to electronic music. Both Dutch and international producers are featured on this comprehensive compilation. The last part will be released in the last week of march as Dekmantel then will celebrate their anniversary with a big party in Amsterdam. Awanto 3 - Pregnant, Awanto 3 aka Amsterdam based multi-talent Steven de Peven delivers some pure Detroit house on this one. A slow burning and ever changing piece of music, loaded with a bunch of strings and keys to warm your winter ears by. Lone – Rissottowe There’s tracks for your personal hi-fi system, there’s tracks for the dance floor, and tracks that are somewhere stuck in between. Lone brings his intentions to the table loud and clear with Rissottowe though - turn up the volume and bring out the rimshots please. Makam – Cleaning The living proof that quality house music isn’t just related to the two major cities in The Netherlands goes by the name of Makam. The The Hague based producer has slowly but surely developed his own take on Detroit-infected house music. Cleaning reminds off early Moodyman jazz-tingled house material.