Dekmantel | Joey Anderson - Fall Off Face
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Joey Anderson Fall Off Face

€9.00 Release date: 25 November 2013


Tracklist Vinyl (12")

Few producers have caused quite the stir of Joey Anderson in 2013. The New York DJ and producer has turned out a steady stream of dark, shadowy and deep techno EPs on labels like Latency, Inimeg and Syncrophone, but now steps up to Dutch label Dekmantel with a new offering, Fall Off Face, ahead of his debut full length in 2014. It features three new tracks of moody stuff for the darkest dancefloors out there.

‘Repulsive’ features a frazzled, pixelated synth line snaking boisterously through Anderson’s arrangement of rooted, rubbery kick drums and feathery hi hats. Eventually it dies down to revel a patter of bubbling synths and tortured sounding violin strings before the final third shape shifts again thanks to some airy bass notes and hollow, glassy tinkles. It’s elegant yet unsettling before ‘Sky’s Blessings’ explores yet more shadowy and subliminal moods where waify synths drift in and out of the mix like passing wisps of smoke.

Finally, ‘Heaven’s Archer’ picks up the pace and unfolds as a stripped back deep techno groove in the mould of peers like DJ Qu. Weird synths, odd hooks and a range of textures from watery and liquid to rusty and metal all pepper the airwaves and make for some of the most arresting techno you will hear all year. On this evidence, ahead of his first full-length album, Joey Anderson seems in finer form that ever.