Dekmantel | San Proper - Sex Drive Rhythm EP
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San Proper Sex Drive Rhythm EP

€9.00 Release date: 11 March 2010


Tracklist Vinyl (12")

  • Sex Drive Rhythm
  • The Strip
  • Love Baby Love

Good starts deserve likewise follow-ups. After a daring, but nonetheless vigorous start from the freshly formed Dekmantel label thanks to Israeli duo Juju & Jordash and their stunning and much praised self titled album, next up is Amsterdam’s very own musical wolverine: Mister San Proper. You might have come across San’s name recently; after coming, seeing and concurring the Dutch lowlands San is on the eve of a definitive international breakthrough. With releases on world-wide acclaimed labels like Rush Hour and Perlon his dazzling hand-jammed percussion, vintage synths and instruments-one-only-stubbles-upon-when-discovering-deserted-jungles now found their way to the Dekmantel label – San’s home bass.

A1 Love Baby Love – Love Baby Love
It’s not a big secret San likes to play his bass guitar when he’s not showing off is his impressive dj-skills. Love Baby Love is an electronic slowjam combining San’s love for true house music and real live instruments. Perfect to start of your evening. Or finish that never-ending after party…

B1 – Sex Drive Rhythm
Keeping it under way under 110 haunting beats per minute, you get a little peak of San’s way of keeping the company’s attention in the bedroom. Mister Proper likes to make love the analog way, or so it seems…

B2 – Strip
And then the pace starts kicking’ in! Bust a move, jack it up: strip! Think Music Box, Warehouse or just San’s bedroom with a 909 again.

Dekmantel. Or the tornado that struck the Amsterdam house scene like no other in the past two years. Founding fathers Casper Tielrooij and Thomas Martojo have proven their selves true keepers of the oldschool as practised in Chicago and Detroit but without keeping their ears shut for the future. After making name for themselves with infamous parties at venues like Studio 80, Paradiso and Trouw, and numerous disco, house and techno flavoured dj-gigs throughout the country the label seems to be the next inevitable step for these musical gobblers.