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Dekmantel Festival 2019 Liveblog

Welcome to our liveblog! A full-blown feed of our entire event, updated throughout the festival. A chance for you to keep track of what’s happening at the moment, with photos, videos, background info and live updates from Gabriel Szatan (GS) and Chal Ravens (CR), our journalists in the field. For more practical information and timetables, check out or the Dekmantel Festival app. For any assistance, email us at [email protected]. For now, stay tuned!

Wednesday 23 December - 22:30

After 100s of hours of music, conversation, workshops, radio takeovers, editorial features and visual art we have reached the end of the inaugural Dekmantel Connects

After 100s of hours of music, conversation, workshops, radio takeovers, editorial features and visual art, and more contributors than we can count –– visible and behind the scenes! –– we have reached the end of the inaugural Dekmantel Connects.

This project was a collective effort of all involved, with months of prep condensed down into 10 individual 12-hour bursts of activity. At a time of crisis for creative industries, and deep uncertainty here in The Netherlands, we wanted to push something positive into the world before the door slams shut on 2020.

Thanks to our partners Lynk & Co and Bud NL, our local home Het HEM, and all collaborators for helping facilitate this leap into the unknown.

We hope you at home have found something to enjoy in the programme: a new favourite DJ, an audiovisual collaborative act you can’t wait to see live soon, a set of tools to start something new yourself, or even a new way of thinking about the world.

Have a safe and happy holidays. We'll be back in 2021. Take care til then.

– Dekmantel

Wednesday 23 December - 22:24

Photo gallery: upsammy w/ Diego Grandry

upsammy and Diego Grandry in full, flowing, fantastic effect this evening. Two artists could hardly be more perfectly matched to juggle the synthetic and the organic, investigating where the natural world ends and how far the digital realms can take us. A perfect broadcasted performance to see Dekmantel Connects out.

Wednesday 23 December - 21:39

Live Act: upsammy w/ Diego Grandry

And now, the grand finalé. Dekmantel Connects ends with a beginning: upsammy and Diego Grandry are premiering a brand-new show right now, with the visual artist pairing rendered digital landscapes to upsammy’s complex electronic compositions.

Come lose yourself in their worlds.

Wednesday 23 December - 21:29

Photo gallery: Intergalactic Gary & mad miran

Two generations of Dutch talent, with limitlessly curious ears and a taste for sci-fi electronics. Tonight, mad miran and Intergalactic Gary brought their bags of tripped-out deep cuts to the platter – what a b2b it was.

Wednesday 23 December - 20:05

DJ Show: Intergalactic Gary & mad miran

For the last our of Bud NL DJ sets, we present a match made in the heavens: Intergalactic Gary and mad miran are stepping up for an interstellar session for what we believe is the very first time. Don't miss out on this one.

Wednesday 23 December - 18:56

Live Act: Animistic Beliefs w/ Jeisson Drenth

In session for the next hour are Animistic Beliefs and Jeisson Drenth, bringing you CACHE/SPIRIT.

A highly personal, data-driven visual show from a specialist of the form will be matched to hard-hitting analogue electronics — come get an early look at a 2021 touring project.

Wednesday 23 December - 18:42

Photo Gallery: The whole afternoon has been nothing but all smiles and top music

Minor AM are wrapping up their radio takeover now with the ever-blissful Elias Mazian. The whole afternoon has been nothing but all smiles and top music.

Thank you Elias, MAYO, Jasmín, Haron, RAFF, Nathan Kofi and the full Minor AM crew for making our last afternoon of radio for Dekmantel Connects – and for 2020 – a special one.

Wednesday 23 December - 18:32

Live now: Elias Mazian

One of Amsterdam’s favourite locals, Elias Mazian, is here to wrap up a day full of amazing music. Thank you Minor AM for a perfect final radio broadcast!

Wednesday 23 December - 17:30

Live now: Nathan Kofi

De Lichting's Nathan Kofi has stepped behind DJ-booth for the second last Minor AM radio show of the day. Tune in!

Wednesday 23 December - 17:19

Interview: CACHE/SPIRIT: Animistic Beliefs and Jeisson Drenth share the stories that shaped their must-see experimental AV collab

What happens when ritualistic techno, experiments with digital image production techniques, and the delicate exploration of intersectional identities, come together? The answer – but equally the question – is CACHE/SPIRIT, an ongoing collaboration between Rotterdam-based producers Linh Luu & Marvin Lalihatu (aka Animistic Beliefs) and media artist Jeisson Drenth. Set to tour the world with their audio-visual liveshow at the onset of 2020, covid forced this forward-thinking threesome to hit ‘reset’. And so, CACHE/SPIRIT evolved from a performance for dark dancefloors into an online artist residency as well as a travelling video installation. At present, CACHE/SPIRIT is all of the above in no particular order; while its gallery set-up is currently on show in Zürich, the output of the artist residency can be explored on DGTL FMNSM.

This week, Dekmantel Connects presents the club performance that started it all: a high-speed, high-tech, high-volume journey into three deeply personal accounts. Here, the artists provide the complex context of their collaborative work; ‘You could just consume CACHE/SPIRIT as it is – and enjoy it – but we really felt the need to explain why we made it.’

Let’s start at the very beginning. How did the three of you meet and start working together? What attracted you in each other, and in each other’s work?

Linh: Jeisson and I met each other first. I was doing sales for a place in Rotterdam, and Jeisson – already working as a freelance artist – was looking for a workspace. I gave him a tour of the building and we started talking. He showed me his work, which I really liked, and we became Facebook friends. From there, we started bumping into each other at events, talking more and more. I showed Marvin his work because I was really excited about it, and we started thinking about doing something together. Later, Jeisson proposed to get together.

Jeisson: I wrote you a very formal email. ‘Good morning. Let’s explore options. Yours truly…’ [Laughs]

Linh, what exactly about Jeisson’s work made you feel excited?

Linh: He was making a video for an event and showed me how he was doing photogrammetry (photography-based 3D modelling). I read about this scanning process before but hadn’t met someone who actually does it. I got really fascinated by the process and the way the work looked.

So, how did you start working together?

Marvin: Our first real collaboration was a music video for one of the tracks on our album, An Eye For AI, in the summer of 2019. We immediately thought of Jeisson to make a work for it and asked if he was down. He was!

Read the full interview here. Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Wednesday 23 December - 16:50

Now playing: RAFF - Disparate Fragments (by RAFF)

Wednesday 23 December - 16:24

Live now: RAFF

Clone’s RAFF is here! The Rotterdam-based DJ is a next generation talent who is reimagining techno and electro from a new perspective, lock in.

Wednesday 23 December - 15:11

Photo Gallery: Minor AM is on a roll, and they're not done yet...

The Minor AM crew is on a roll and are not done anytime soon. Tune in to hear Jasmín now, with RAFF, Nathan Kofi and Elias Mazian following up in the next hours.

Wednesday 23 December - 14:53

Now playing: Zomby - The Lie (by Jasmín)

Wednesday 23 December - 14:43

Live now: Jasmín

It's little surprise why Jasmín is one of The Netherlands' most well-regarded contemporary DJs – and a favourite of ours too – with a sharp ear for memorable melodies and strident rhythms that can captivate any audience.

Jasmín's set for Minor AM's takeover of the Dekmantel Connects airwaves will surely add another string to her bow. She is live now, tune in.

Wednesday 23 December - 13:33

Now playing: Leila - Don't Fall Asleep (played by MAYO)

Wednesday 23 December - 13:15

Live now: MAYO

Amsterdam's MAYO is here to serve up dark electronics for the next hour. Lock in.

Wednesday 23 December - 12:48

Live now: Haron

Minor AM's takeover of the Dekmantel Connects airwaves begins the unique sound of BAKK's Haron. Get cosy and settle in for seven fine hours of music to come.

Wednesday 23 December - 10:30

Get to know: Minor AM

Born in 2019, Minor AM is the Amsterdam-based artist agency already making a distinct mark. Fed up with the rusty dynamics of the industry, initiator Ilyas Fdis decided to take matters into his own hands; establishing an agency built on transparency, knowledge sharing, durable growth and community building.

More than anything, Minor AM functions as a real home for the new generation. It is currently the haven of rising local gems including Mary Lake, Fafi Abdel Nour and Suze Ijó, but also represents global underground champions such as Octo Octa, MoMA READY and AceMo. No matter how fresh or established, or what sound they bring to the dancefloor – what this budding agency and all its artists have in common is a trailblazing sound and spirit.

Coming to you on the airwaves of Dekmantel Connects, Minor AM has enlisted six NL-based gems outside the regular roster. From obscure house and ethereal techno to full-on EBM – please welcome Haron, Mayo, Jasmín, RAFF, Nathan Kofi and Elias Mazian.

Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Wednesday 23 December - 09:30

We have reached the finalé of Dekmantel Connects

After 100s of hours of music, conversation, workshops, editorial features and visual art, and more contributors than we can count –– visible and behind the scenes! –– we have reached the finalé of Dekmantel Connects.

One final push and then the marathon is over. Collapsing over the finish line though? Could never be us.

Here is what the last day brings: First of all, we give the airwaves over to Amsterdam’s premiere agency, Minor AM. The likes of Jasmín, Haron, RAFF, Elias Mazian and more will be appearing across the takeover.

Then we leap straight into the first of two hugely exciting audiovisual performances. Animistic Beliefs and Jeisson Drenth's CACHE/SPIRIT show is set to be special – and you can read more about how this hard techno duo and multidisciplinary artist carved their own lane, via an extended interview published on our site just after lunch.

The final of our Bud NL head-to-head DJ shows takes place after this. An interstellar session awaits when Intergalactic Gary and mad miran bring their bags of tripped-out deep cuts to the platter – very much a match made in Dutch heaven, this one. Then, we end with a new beginning: our own upsammy will premiere a new show with Diego Grandry, wherein the visual artist pairs videogame landscapes to upsammy’s synthetic-organic-always-fantastic productions. And then we breathe.

This project truly was a collective effort of all those involved, with weeks and weeks of effort condensed down into 10 individual 12-hour bursts of activity. We dearly hope you at home have found something to enjoy in the programme: a new favourite DJ, a band you can’t wait to see live soon, a set of tools to start something new, or even a new way of thinking about the world.

Stick with us for the last day, and then have a safe holidays yourself.

Wednesday 23 December - 09:15

The final day of Dekmantel Connects is here

Here we go: the 10th and final day of Dekmantel Connects! One last push and then the marathon is over. Collapsing over the finish line though? Could never be us.

Today we have a Minor AM radio takeover, Animistic Beliefs and Jeisson Drenth's CACHE/SPIRIT show, mad miran b2b Intergalactic Gary, and a world-first of upsammy and Diego Grandry combining for an organic/synthetic audiovisual feast.

All in all, an action-packed way to see out our new project. We do hope you join us — the fun begins at 12pm.

Tuesday 22 December - 23:40

Tuesday is done, 24hrs remain...

From De Ambassade to Identified Patient, Cinnaman to Coco Byrce, Operator to Future Intel, an action-packed Tuesday is done. What a rush it was — we wish every day could be the same! Luckily, that wish gets one more grant: tomorrow brings the last 24hrs of Dekmantel Connects. See you then?

Tuesday 22 December - 23:33

Photo Gallery: DJ Show: Identified Patient & Gamma Intel

Identified Patient and Gamma Intel in the mix tonight. The deviant Dutch duo locked heads in a multi-deck, high-tempo thriller — a slamming session to close the book on the penultimate day of Dekmantel Connects. 24hrs remain...

Tuesday 22 December - 22:04

DJ Show: Identified Patient & Gamma Intel

Tonight's final joust! Identified Patient and Gamma Intel are going b2b in a Bud NL DJ session, casting spells body music, acid, electro, hardcore, jungle and all manner of fractured electronics until midnight. This one is sure to be a rocket.

Tuesday 22 December - 21:49

Photo Gallery: Live Act: De Ambassade

Pascal Pinkert (Dollkraut) on the synths, Aniek de Rooij on keys, and bass player Jippe van Niel: a power-trio we remain in awe of. Tonight, De Ambassade sliced through the cold night air and lit up our evening.

Tuesday 22 December - 21:04

Live Act: De Ambassade

Today's Dekmantel Connects live performance comes courtesy of De Ambassade, a modern wave project like no other. With slanted synths, throbbing basslines, and an ominous atmopsheric energy, let the dark clouds overtake you this evening. They are live now and in session for the next hour.

Tuesday 22 December - 20:59

Photo Gallery: In Conversation With: Cinnaman

One of Dekmantel's most trusted, and a bedrock of Amsterdam's music community: Cinnaman joined us for a rare and extensive 1-on-1 conversation, wrapping up this portion of the Dekmantel Connects programme for now. Yuri, we'll see you next year (and surely the one after that too).

Tuesday 22 December - 20:00

In Conversation With: Cinnaman

To conclude our artist-focused conversation series, we have the musically ambidexterous Cinnaman sitting down with Yousef Gnaoui for a career-spanning interview.

This is a chance to get inside the mind of one of the best DJs in the city, not to be missed.

Tuesday 22 December - 19:58

Photo Gallery: Workshop: Running a radio station

Representatives from two of the sharpest modern radio stations in The Netherlands — Operator (Rotterdam) and Future Intel (Den Haag) came together to share their experience and expertise in a broadcast-themed panel. Ofra, Wouter, thank you.

Tuesday 22 December - 19:09

Workshop: Running a radio station

For today's workshop with Lynk & Co, we are focusing on how to run a radio station.

The collective knowledge of Rotterdam and The Hague combine, as Future Intel's Wouter van Driel sits down with Operator Radio's Ofra Beenen to go through everything you might wish to know about satisfying your own airwaves ambition in the future. Beam in — we're live now.

Tuesday 22 December - 18:55

Photo gallery: Future Intel assembled a shining all-star cast for their radio takeover today

Job Sifre, Dorien, Tammo Hesselink, Post Ave, Coco Bryce, Mary and Waterballet: Future Intel assembled a shining all-star cast for their radio takeover today. It was a blast — for those who missed it, you can look forward to playback streams soon!

Tuesday 22 December - 18:33

Playing now: Coco Bryce - Love Flows (played by Coco Bryce)

Tuesday 22 December - 18:05

Live now: Coco Bryce

Coco Bryce is in the building! One of The Netherlands' most lethal jungle producers, as well as a dedicated UK Garage evangelist as Chavinksi, is here to burn through the final hour of Future Intel takeover of Dekmantel Connects radio.

Strap in for this one.

Tuesday 22 December - 17:06

Live now: Tammo Hesselink

Nous'klaer Audio associate Tammo Hesselink is a risk taker who explores broken UK drums and the grey areas between house and techno. He’s on air now.

Tuesday 22 December - 16:02

Live now: Job Sifre

Trawling the dystopian ends of wave, synth-pop, electro, industrial and sludgy techno on Future Intel's radio take over right now; Job Sifre.

Tuesday 22 December - 16:00

Peace amidst chaos: Traversing through mad miran’s emotions

Whether she drops one of her favorite Luke Vibert’s Amens or goes into a deeper realm of IDM, mad miran knows how to hit the spot. That is mostly due to the genuine stream of emotions her selections and flow are unfailingly guided by. Similar to the fierce wind of a summer storm, her feelings are sometimes hard to tame, grasp, or put into words for her. This radiant energy that sits inside her, seeking to burst forth, is what makes Miran inherently Miran, and her adrenaline-charged sets so mighty.

“I can be quite broad in explaining, especially with topics involving music and emotions - and this year has been an insane emotional whirlwind,” she tells me over email as we discuss this interview, setting the tone for a deep dive into her brilliant chaotic mind.

About 2,5 years ago, you moved to Rotterdam, away from the overwhelming social life of the capital, and recently, came back here again. How did you find living in Rotterdam and what were you missing about Amsterdam that made you return?

Living in the beautiful Rotterdam was a really good mind-expanding period for me. My mind can be overwhelming at times and, with my overwhelming life, I needed a quiet and steady base to let myself process it properly, and let the new adventures and plans come in calmly. Living in a big modern city where I didn’t know many people gave me more peace in my head. A lot happened in those years; I played at the most amazing venues and met true warm-hearted people from all over the world that do music from their heart. It inspired me to carve my own path in this industry, grow and find peace amidst chaos in my music.

During the corona days, being stuck in my room made me realize I missed my city, Amsterdam. I missed biking through the streets I knew by heart. I thought, ‘Ok, check. Back home to hectic Amsterdam, but steady Miran is ready to go’. And it was a good choice; I have the nicest roommates, love happened, my friends and father are close by and I’m just happy to spend this year in my city.

The past half a year has probably been a whirlwind of emotions for you. How do you feel now compared to when the pandemic just started?

Yeah, you could say that. This year was wild. It started with me taking a flight from De School straight to Northern Italy on January 1st. I booked an Airbnb in the mountains with no Wi-Fi. Two weeks of fresh air, Italian food, reading, serenity, and recharging for 2020. I took along a very heavy sound design book I had ordered and the notebooks I have been carrying around with me for the past years. My notebooks hold many memories: from an attached boarding ticket to a funny quote I heard backstage. Sometimes I would write down or draw something to memorize the moment while waiting for my set in the peaceful bathroom of a club. It’s nice to look back at those pages and remember a full situation, otherwise, we forget!

Read the full piece here.

Words by Angelina Nikolayeva

Tuesday 22 December - 15:26

Playing now: BSS - Nova Zen (played by dj dorien)

Tuesday 22 December - 15:06

Live now: dj dorien

dj dorien is bringing dark electro, techno and industrial sounds on the airwaves – she's live until 4.

Tuesday 22 December - 14:55

Photo gallery: we're halfway through

A big thank you to Waterballet, Mary and Post Ave for bringing the tunes to the first half of Future Intel's radio take over.

Stay locked, plenty more to come...

Tuesday 22 December - 14:38

Now playing: CCL - Tachyon Frog (played by Post Ave)

Tuesday 22 December - 14:05

Live now: Post Ave

Amsterdam born and bred talent and Garage Noord resident Post Ave is playing eclectic, boundary nudging and challenging electronics until 3 – tune in!

Tuesday 22 December - 13:47

Now playing: Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead (played by Mary)

Tuesday 22 December - 12:54

Live now: Mary

As the Future Intel takeover of our daily Dekmantel Connects radio programme heats up, we welcome the grit and the glory of Mary.

She's live, taking us through the lunchtime session until 2.

Tuesday 22 December - 12:04

Live now: Waterballet (live)

Waterballet is kicking off today’s Dekmantel Connects radio with a visual live show – make sure to tune in.

Tuesday 22 December - 11:00

Get to know: Future Intel

High up in an abandoned office building somewhere in The Hague, a former hub of a corporate telecommunication company, Future Intel has planted its base and has been broadcasting independent online radio from its top floor. Set up in what looks to have been something of a former executive room, boasting glass walls that offer a close to 360 degree view on the city, it’s a perplexing setting that goes hand in hand with the station’s idiosyncratic programming and their distinct way of doing things.

This may sound like something of a boyhood dream coming true, and it’s actually not that far off. Early 2020, Zamba-Jan Bakana, Mounir Gros and the brothers Wouter and Olivier van Driel stumbled into this building during their search for low-cost studio space in The Hague. It was especially the building’s top floor that caught their attention — a space the crew couldn’t resist to somehow make use of. After Onderwereld FM had to move out of their location, they felt compelled to keep pushing the city’s underground sound through online radio. Not even a year down the road, Future Intel has steadily been pushing a strong programming of streams by both acclaimed artists as emerging talents, often coupled with the work of local visual artists, swiftly cementing its name in the Dutch electronic music landscape.

Knowing a thing or two about online radio and the challenges this bears, Future Intel’s Wouter van Driel is part of today’s workshop, Running a Radio Station, sharing some key insights and pointers together with Operator Radio’s Ofra Beenen. And bringing theory into practice, today’s radio program is also in Future Intel’s able hands — featuring Waterballet (live), Mary, Post Ave, dj dorien, Job Sifre, Tammo Hesselink and Coco Bryce.

Words by Leonard van Hout

Tuesday 22 December - 09:00

We’re making every moment count as Dekmantel Connects hurtles toward its conclusion

We’re making every moment count as Dekmantel Connects hurtles toward its conclusion. And today is proof, with some of the most energetic artists of the whole series on show across 12 hours of non-stop programming.

Future Intel play an outsize role today. First, their radio takeover will see razor-sharp sounds from the likes of Coco Bryce, Tammo Hesselink, Dorien, Mary, Job Sifre and more. Then, Future Intel’s Wouter van Driel sits down with Operator Radio’s Ofra Beenen for a combined workshop, bringing together the knowledge of Den Haag and Rotterdam’s finest contemporary stations.

The evening brings a continuation of the afternoon’s fast and furious energy. Up live, we have De Ambassade’s modern wave stylings with a custom broadcast to match. And then, Gamma Intel and our very own Identified Patient will cast spells until midnight strikes in a b2b session, mixing up dark clouds of body music, acid, electro, hardcore and all manner of fractured electronics.

We are almost there… so go nowhere.

Tuesday 22 December - 08:53

The second last day of Dekmantel Connects 2020 is upon us

The second last day of Dekmantel Connects 2020 is upon us, but no slowing down now.

Up today: a Future Intel radio takeover with Job Sifre, Coco Bryce, Tammo Hesselink and more; a Future Intel x Operator workshop on running a radio station; a Q&A with Cinnaman; De Ambassade live; and Identified Patient b2b Gamma Intel on the wheels of steel.

Sparks are set to fly – we go live from lunchtime.

Monday 21 December - 23:10

Day 8 is a wrap!

A blues-beating Monday is over and Day 8 of Dekmantel Connects is a wrap.

Tomorrow we move into the final 48hrs of our maiden voyage for this project — and with the likes of upsammy, Coco Bryce, Identified Patient, Job Sifre, mad miran, Cinnaman & more to come, there is no slowing down now until the finish line.

Monday 21 December - 23:00

Photo Gallery: DJ Show: STERAC & Deniro

A b2b performance that showed techno at its very best: deep, propulsive, hard-charging and raw. Steve Rachmad and Deniro, that was an education — thank you

Monday 21 December - 21:30

DJ Show: STERAC & Deniro

To cap off a full day, two techno goliaths are here to face-off on the decks: Deniro meets STERAC, aka legendary Dutch techno veteran Steve Rachmad. Another fiery Bud NL DJ show awaits — they are live, going b2b now Join us!

Monday 21 December - 20:37

Photo Gallery: Panel: Desiging creative resistance and counter culture

A roundtable between some of the most trusted voices in our club infrastructure, on what their work within culture means and how to sustain it: thank you Shirin, Olaf, Jetti, Eelco and Gomes. This was a truly thought-provoking edition of our panels with Lynk & Co.

Monday 21 December - 20:36

Live Act: Parrish Smith w/ Nikki Hock

Dekmantel family man Parrish Smith always brings his brilliantly dark and unrelenting barrage of techno, industrial and EBM. For this special show he has collaborated with Nikki Hock, a multidisciplinary artist who sculpts spaces and environments to create experiential landscapes. One not to miss.

Monday 21 December - 19:17

Panel: Desiging creative resistance and counter culture

Our Dekmantel Connects panel today contains four specialists from the world of clubland – Olaf Boswijk (formerly Trouw), Jetti Steffers (BAR), Shirin Mirachor (MONO) and Gomes (OI) – to discuss the role of counter-culture and how creative resistance can function. They are in conversation with Eelco Couvreur now.

Monday 21 December - 19:04

Photo gallery: A massive thanks to the amazing crew of Bureau Punt!

A massive thanks to the amazing crew of Bureau Punt for providing a day full of great selections only!

Monday 21 December - 18:43

Now playing: Young Nudy - 4l Gang Shit (by Bao G)

Monday 21 December - 18:00

Live now: Bao G

Ferociously hard trap tunes that resonate her feelings at that time and place: Bao G is in the building to tell her musical story for the upcoming hour.

Monday 21 December - 17:45

Now playing: Ivy Lab - Teacup (by Jerrausama)

Monday 21 December - 17:15

Live now: Jerrausama

With a playful charisma and an adventurous ear, Jerrausama is one of the best young house DJs in The Netherlands — the perfect dose of energy to carry Bureau Punt's radio takeover through to its final stages.

Monday 21 December - 16:22

Photo gallery: Bureau Punt is halfway through the day...

Sekan and Lion Kojo served up some soul, funk and hip-hop in the early afternoon, and AMPFEMININE are still going strong for the next 30 minutes. Jerrausama and Bao G are coming up as well, so keep locked in for the good selections.

Monday 21 December - 15:55


AMPFEMININE Collective is a diverse collective based in Rotterdam aiming to create more opportunity for women and minorities in the nightlife scene, as well as events that are safe spaces for anyone and everyone. They're live now until 16:00, lock in.

Monday 21 December - 14:00

Live now: Lion Kojo

Lion Kojo is serving up Monday lunch selections as part of Bureau Punt's radio takeover, with the Amsterdam-based DJ drawing extensively from his heritage and his vision of the modern dancefloor.

Monday 21 December - 12:30

Now playing: Hiroshi Suzuki - Kuro To Shiro (by Sekan)

Monday 21 December - 12:11

Live now: Sekan

Characterized by a broad musical taste and deep knowledge of various genres, Sekan attracts a wide range of music lovers. He's easing us into the afternoon with a selection varying from J. Cole to Hiroshi Suzuki.

Monday 21 December - 11:00

Get to know: Bureau Punt

Dekmantel Connects extends an invitation to Amsterdam-based creative agency and platform Bureau Punt. Founded by business savvy savant Ghamte Schmidt, and home to talented DJ’s and artists including Carista, Lion Kojo and Jerrausama, the agency is known for its creative endeavours and the development of nightlife concepts such as PAINT, FAMIRIE and LIVE AT THE BBQ. Bureau Punt aims to provide a space where artists can express themselves, without having to compromise their art, all the while contributing to culture by bringing people together. Operating at the intersection of art and music, with strong ties to the creative community of the city, Bureau Punt also manages the careers of visual artists StikStok and Faria van Creij-Callender. For Dekmantel Connects, this team of true creative centipedes conjured up a program where all these artistic expressions in the form of visual art and music meet and come together.

Sit tight or transform your living room into an intimate club for Bureau Punt’s radio show! Kicking off with Sekan and followed up by Bureau Punt household name Lion Kojo who then gives the baton to the Rotterdam based collective AMPFEMININE and Jerrausama, who closes the show.

Words by Chelsea Pachito

Monday 21 December - 08:38

With just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday left, we’re not slowing down yet

Week 2 of Dekmantel Connects is upon us! With just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday left, we’re not slowing down yet. The opposite is true: we’re cramming in as much as we can.

Bureau Punt kick off the activities today. We’ll be publishing a little read about them shortly, but the short version is this: they are one on The Netherlands’ strongest talent agencies, and will be bringing DJs from across the country up to the platter for a 7-hour radio takeover. Expect everything from hard-edged bass workouts to sultry R&B.

Our afternoon panel today contains four specialists from the world of clubland – Olaf Boswijk (formerly Trouw), Jetti Steffers (BAR), Shirin Mirachor (MONO) and Gomes (OI) – to discuss how creative movements can be formed from the ground-up.

Then, onto a pair of collaborative performances to close the evening. Parrish Smith, Dekmantel family for years now, will bring his hard-as-nails + punk-as-fuck stylings to the table with visual artist Nikki Hock matching moods. And then, a goliath face-off in our back-to-back DJ arena, as трип’s Deniro meets STERAC, aka the legendary Dutch techno veteran Steve Rachmad.

Whew! Lots to look forward to. We hope it blasts away the Monday blues.

Monday 21 December - 08:34

Week 2 of Dekmantel Connects begins with a bang

Week 2 of Dekmantel Connects begins with a bang!

Coming up today: a techno heavyweight b2b between STERAC and Deniro, electro-deviant Parrish Smith live with Nikki Hock, a panel with envoys from Trouw, BAR and MONO, and a full Bureau Punt radio takeover. The programme kicks off from noon — catch it below.

Sunday 20 December - 23:15

A full week of Dekmantel Connects is done and dusted

A full week of Dekmantel Connects is done and dusted: a Monday to Sunday run of creative activity. Can you believe it's nearly Monday already....again? We can. There's 3 more days of Dekmantel Connects remaining, and we've saved some of the best for last.

Sunday 20 December - 23:00

Photo gallery: Waxfiend & Beraber

Beraber and Waxfiend stepped up to the wheels of steel this evening for their first-ever b2b. The pair pulled jam after jam after jam across two hours, touching all corners of the house and soul map. A golden session!

Sunday 20 December - 21:30

DJ Show: Waxfiend & Beraber

When we hatched the plan for Dekmantel Connects, we knew that we wanted to showcase some of The Netherlands's premiere hip-hop DJs, and so, we have the don Waxfiend appearing for the first time today. He is chopping it up on the decks with United Identities' Beraber for our Bud NL DJ show tonight – an education awaits.

Sunday 20 December - 21:20

Photo gallery: In conversation with DJ Marcelle

One of Dekmantel's favourite selectors and one of most trusted journalists got together for an intimate 1-on-1 interview. Thank you, DJ Marcelle and Eelco Couvreur, for the expansive chat.

Sunday 20 December - 20:45

Introducing: DJ Marcelle

Some figures in today’s electronic music scene are so thoroughly outspoken in everything they do, make and say, that it’s a no-brainer to invite them over for a talk as part of this Dekmantel Connects program. Prime example is DJ Marcelle, Amsterdam’s patroness of everything experimental, rebellious, do-it-yourself and off-beat, whose electrifying DJ sets and eccentric productions have been turning heads for several decades now, and who’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

If you ever found yourself bewildered yet enchanted at one of her DJ sets, in which she casually strings together records from her 20.000-piece collection of techno, breaks, experimental electronics, (post)punk, screams and whale sounds, you’ve found out a thing or two about her approach. Wary of the old outro-into-intro mixing, you’ll find her stacking tracks on top of another with three turntables at once, creating entirely new sounds on the fly. Rattling rhythms, wonky basslines and obscure sound samples are all thrown into the concoction, confidently stirred together with vigor and a steady hand.

As outspoken as Marcelle is in the way she selects and plays her music, is equally matched in how clearly her voice rings when she’s not behind the decks. Politically, socially and culturally, DJ Marcelle is an idealist who always challenges the establishment, be it of society at large, the music industry, or music in itself. A razorsharp voice with an outlook on music she’s not afraid to share, we’re in eager anticipation of the insights DJ Marcelle is about to share with us.

Words by Leonard van Hout

Sunday 20 December - 20:30

In conversation with: DJ Marcelle

DJ Marcelle has been a light in the Dutch music scene for decades: a model of artistic independence, fiercely curious and with a rock-solid code of ethics. She is in conversation with Eelco Couvreur now.

Sunday 20 December - 20:15

Photo gallery: Creativity amidst a pandemic

Four fine artists working through the challenges of 2020 and explaining how green shoots of creativity can grow even in the toughest soil: today's Dekmantel Connects panel with Lynk & Co was nothing if not informative, and maybe even a little hopeful.

Sunday 20 December - 19:15

Panel: Creativity amidst a pandemic

The pandemic has thrown our industry off its axis, and left countless musicians questioning their place in the world. How to remain creative – or even hopeful – in these times?

Animistic Beliefs, Awanto3, Kamma and Suze Ijó are here for today's panel to talk coping strategies and share advice with Dennis de Groot.

Sunday 20 December - 18:55

Photo gallery: big thanks to IsBurning crew from bringing their A-Team and their A-Game

Big thanks to IsBurning crew from bringing their A-Team and their A-Game for today's radio takeover. JP Enfant, TITIA, AFRA, Sanja, Mirella Kroes, DJ Pure and head honcho Carlos Valdes – you were a pleasure to have.

Sunday 20 December - 18:00

Live now: AFRA

Afra brings techno, electro and trance to the last hour of today's radio.

Sunday 20 December - 17:00

Live now: TITIA

Clone Records affiliate TITIA is our penultimate DJ taking the reigns for today's IsBurning takeover, with a taste of Friday evening acid techno for your Sunday afternoon. Don't miss this one.

Sunday 20 December - 16:10

Interview: Parrish Smith: No elitism, no prejudice, no 4/4, no genre.

If you have encountered Parrish Smith in the club, even the faintest memory of it can still make your heart race. Speed, sex, steel, sweat, suicide… they’re all commonly used to describe the artist’s universe. Leendert Sonnevelt sat dawn down with Parrish Smith which resulted in an highly recommended reading tip for your Sunday.

You’ve been described by music journalists as ‘disregarding genre’. I’d like to turn this around and say you regard all kinds of genres. When/where/how did your musical curiosity begin?

I think that curiosity began with me as an introverted kid who didn’t say a lot but thought a lot about the world around him. I think it’s seeker behaviour, and a long journey of growing up: from hearing soul, rock, reggae, Caribbean music and my mother’s traditional Indian music at home, to my sisters listening to R&B, and finding the UK scene through garage, jungle, etc. Most of it came organically through my family.

When you become a teenager you get into teenager music – in my case that was early '80s industrial, noise and punk, which resonated with my feelings at the time. It can be very difficult to find yourself in music, but as someone who didn’t really follow trends or groups at a young age, it was easier to dive into particular areas. When you’re a teenager you sometimes don’t know how you feel, you can be attracted to darker feelings – and this music really related to that very directly. Almost like a researcher of music, I slowly found my path.

When you found punk and industrial, as this solitary seeker, did it come with a certain scene or subculture?

It came with one of my best friends: Derozan. When we were 19 or 20, we dove into the world of vinyl together and browsed markets for second-hand music. I think the first music we got into was '80s punk, industrial and heavy electronics, for instance from L.I.E.S. records. From there, we discovered this underground scene in electronics: artists like Rabih Beaini, but also Traxx, a DJ who mixes wave, disco, house… everything! That gave me this sense of: wow, anything is possible. You can interconnect all these different things or genres, but first you have to know what you’re playing.

Does that ask for a lot of research?

For me, yes, but I’m not sure how it is for others. I need to feel like I can give back by what I know. I’m a researcher at heart and for me it’s natural to dissect the genres I’m into. But the question is: when do you stop and just use the knowledge you have? I think the path to discovery is too exciting.

Is there anything you’d never incorporate in a set?

Hmm, I’ve never thought of it that way. Good question, but there’s nothing I should rule out. I can be surprised by anything. The best thing about playing music for people in clubs, is what I’ve said before: ‘no elitism, no prejudices, no 4/4, no genre’. I’m still able to live by that, and that’s ok.

Read the full interview here. Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Sunday 20 December - 16:00

Live now: Mirella Kroes

For the next hour it's Mirella Kroes live on IsBurning Radio. Known for her tasteful sets of techno, which are often deep absorbing affairs, she captivates mind and soul with their well crafted builds and warming atmospheres.

Sunday 20 December - 15:30

Now playing: Martyn X Om Unit - Tracksuit Dub (Played by JP Enfant)

Sunday 20 December - 15:00

Live now: JP Enfant

LET Recordings founder JP Enfant comes detailed with heady motifs and events of techno, house and dub. He's on air now.

Sunday 20 December - 14:50

Photo gallery: almost halfway through IsBurning's radio take over

We're almost halfway through IsBurning's radio take over - here's a small glimpse of what was happening in the first half.

Still to come are TITIA, Afra, Mirella Kroes and JP Enfant.

Sunday 20 December - 14:15

Now playing: SUBCULTURE feat. Marcus - The Voyage (Hayden Andre Remix)

Sunday 20 December - 14:00

Live now: DJ Pure

One of the residents of the infamous Planet Rose club nights in Nijmegen; DJ Pure is taking it away until 3 – lock in!

Sunday 20 December - 13:00

Live now: Sanja

Multi-layered sounds and colourfulness is what you get with Slapfunk's Sanja. Tune in for a taste in the next hour.

Sunday 20 December - 12:25

Now playing: Maddy Maia feat. Tottie - Obsesión (by Carlos Valdes)

Sunday 20 December - 12:00

Live now: Carlos Valdes

One of the most beloved DJs in all of The Netherlands, and a model for a man who can do it all: Carlos Valdes is stepping up for IsBurning's radio takeover now, ready to set it off.

Sunday 20 December - 10:58

Get to know: IsBurning

For many of us, ‘come as you are’ has become pretty much synonymous with IsBurning. Taking its cues from the NY Ballroom scene, the concept pays homage to the early years of the old school LGBTQIA+ culture not only with grooving disco, high-energy Chicago house and techno that can be heard on the steamy dancefloor. It is that feeling of being at home whoever you are that truly makes the spirit come to life, no matter what location is chosen for their night. “We wanted a place for house and techno enthusiasts, where the past and the future merged, where we felt free, and where you could wear whatever you want,” explains Carlos Valdes in the recent feature for Dekmantel Connects.

Formed by two friends Sandrien and Carlos Valdes in 2013, IsBurning has breathed new life into the Amsterdam LGBTQIA+ scene. Since their first party in Trouw where both DJs held their residencies until their more recent events - take the legendary pride festivities in De Marktkantine or the anniversary celebrations in Warehouse Elementenstraat for instance - they managed to preserve that core intimacy even as the concept continued to gain renown. Although some of the previous guests included bigger names like Panorama Bar residents Virginia and Roi Perez, IsBurning is dedicated to nourishing upcoming talent: “Next to locals, I often give room to artists that don’t often play in Amsterdam or have never played here before at all,” says Carlos.

We’ll leave our pajamas on for now - their motto seems to have a somewhat different meaning when you’re tuning in from your living room. But hey, we surely don’t mind some extra comfort to get reminded of those sweaty mushy early morning vibes we’ve been craving so long for.

Words by Angelina Nikolayeva

Sunday 20 December - 10:03

Let us guide you through your Sunday...

Do you find yourself stretching, yawning and moving slowly today? Well, let us help make some decisions for you. We’ve built Sunday of Dekmantel Connects as a day of action as much as a day of rest.

If you need your heart-container refilled with joy, IsBurning are the crew to do it. Some of the best DJs in The Netherlands will be stepping up for a radio takeover, transporting you to a mixed-up, body-positive dancefloor in the recent past or near future. With AFRA, Carlos Valdes, JP Enfant, TITIA and more to come, the winter temperature will be rising without a doubt.

And this is not all! In the early evening, Marvin from Animistic Beliefs, Awanto3, Kamma and Suze Ijó will be round-tabling the question of how to stay creative in a pandemic –– something we’ve asked ourselves over and over again in 2020, believe us –– before the unique mind of DJ Marcelle is on full view as she sits down for a full-length solo interview.

And then, to wrap up Sunday and the week overall, we have Waxfiend and Beraber in session, rolling and scratching their way until midnight. And then it’s Monday, and we do it all over again.

See? Let us guide you through a lazy day. It will be the best decision you make.

Sunday 20 December - 08:59

Sunday, lovely Sunday!

The Dekmantel Connects programme today promises a day of action: IsBurning are setting the radio ablaze, we have DJ Marcelle in conversation, a late-afternoon panel, and a DJ set this evening between two scholars of hip-hop, house and jazz, Waxfiend & Beraber.

Saturday 19 December - 23:50

This was a Saturday to remember

This was a Saturday to remember: two informative and essential panels, one breakneck b2b set, and a perfectly-poised radio takeover. Thanks to everyone sharing their time with us today. We'll be up bright and early tomorrow for a Dekmantel Connects Sunday special – until then!

Saturday 19 December - 23:30

Photo gallery: Nymfo & Rachel Green

Two of The Netherland's finest soundsystem-shakers, wheeling freely through the 140-160bpm realm: Nymfo and Rachel Green were in the pocket tonight for their head-to-head set. What a blast.

Saturday 19 December - 22:30

Introducing: Nymfo & Rachel Green

With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Nymfo is no less than a Dutch drum and bass legend. After making his entrance to the scene in 2007 alongside Icicle on Kasra’s Critical Recordings, he has been dishing out a steady stream of standout releases on labels such Dispatch, Samurai, and Klute's Commercial Suicide. The recent Sting Blade EP on Metalheadz features 3024’s boss Martyn, his fellow Red Zone affiliate who back then went by Pan. From 1996 to 2007 they brought the likes of Doc Scott and Breakage to their far-reaching drum & bass parties in Eindhoven, paving the way for the genre to firmly establish itself in the city’s electronic music scene. Nymfo’s sound can be described as robust, techno-tinged dancefloor drum & bass. He says it best himself: “My DJ style is the same as my productions: it has to roll like crazy! The basis is formed by the deep bass lines, which are reminiscent of the old Bristol period when Roni Size and Krust broke through. I mainly go for depth.”

Add another local UK school alumnus to the equation and you’ve got a recipe for a hard-hitting bass-heavy head-banging b2b session. She has been recently making waves with her everything-goes breaks-driven sets and a debut release on her own DIY label as Zohar. But don’t mistake her for a newcomer – she and her Rachel Green alias go way back. Brought up on hip hop, dubstep, and funk, she started mixing records when she was 19 and has been constantly evolving her sound ever since. That is also why she felt the need to explore a wider range of genres with a new moniker that would have no expectations attached to it. “It’s not always about making people dance as hard as possible; I also wanted or needed to express something – and I had this feeling I couldn’t fully do that,” she explains in her conversation with Dekmantel. But for this anticipated b2b with Nymfo, she will go back to her roots again as Rachel Green - into the UK-inspired high-tempo bassy territories. We better start dusting off our gun fingers for this one!

Words by Angelina Nikolayeva

Saturday 19 December - 22:00

DJ Show: Nymfo & Rachel Green

It's Saturday night, so we are turning up the heat. For our Bud NL DJ show this evening we are pitting Nymfo, one of the best drum 'n bass DJs in The Netherlands, against Rachel Green for a bass-forward, all-action head-to-head

Saturday 19 December - 21:45

Photo gallery: The Dutch music industry: what do we do next?

Where do we go from here? The words are coming out all clear: Samira Ben Messaoud has been working through the twists, turns and bends of the Dutch music industry's future with Veronique de Leon (WAS), Ghamte Schmidt (bureau punt), Jan Bouwhuis (Blip Agency) and Dekmantel's own Bert de Rooij.

Saturday 19 December - 20:40

Panel: The Dutch music industry: what do we do next?

As 2020 grinds to an end, we're all hoping for a better 2021. But how to actually rebuild the music industry to be more equitable, sustainable and enriching? We are live for the second of our Dekmantel Connects panels, discussing exactly this from a Dutch perspective.

Saturday 19 December - 20:10

Photo gallery: How clubs and festivals influence art and culture

Some snaps from the first of our Dekmantel Connects panels today: Femke Dekker speaking with Lena Willikens, Bas van de Poel (SPACE10), Zippora Elders (Kunstfort Vijfhuizen) and Kim Tuin (Het HEM) about the intersection of festivals, art and contemporary culture.

Saturday 19 December - 19:00

Panel: How clubs and festivals influence art and culture

To what extent does art have a place in physical spaces? Are musical trends influenced by festivals? Or is culture the ground from which events are sprung? All this and more is up for discussion during the first of our two Dekmantel Connects panels with Lynk&Co today.

Saturday 19 December - 18:45

Photo gallery: with team MONO on the airwaves, the hours melted away today

They began at lunch, rolled through the late afternoon, and have now arrived at the finishing line: with team MONO on the airwaves, the hours melted away today.

Thanks to Fatima Ferrari, Giaderza, Soft Break, Mo Jakob, Feurich and Charmaine for today's tunes and talk.

Saturday 19 December - 18:14

Now playing: U-NIQ ft. Winne, Sticks & Bianca - Kritiek (by Mo Jakob)

Saturday 19 December - 17:42

Live now: Mo Jakob

We’ve been blessed with a selection of amazing DJ’s once again, and MONO’s programmer Mo Jakob is here to wrap up the radio broadcast of the day. We couldn’t thank this lovely crew enough!

Saturday 19 December - 17:20

Now playing: Lenzman feat. Riya - Open Page (by Soft Break)

Saturday 19 December - 17:00

Live now: Soft Break

As we reach the conclusion of Saturday's Dekmantel Connects radio programming, we're beginning to tip into the faster tempos. Come get lost in the sounds of MONO's Soft Break.

Saturday 19 December - 15:34

Live now: Giaderza

The artist formerly known as Lin Tonic is a MONO favourite who can weave dreamy downtempo soundtracks, drop club bangers that make you move or serve up super fresh trap in unique new ways. For now, he's sticking onto the first one — lock in to zone out.

Saturday 19 December - 15:10

Now playing: Skyshaker feat. Dashaun Wesley - Walk (by Fatima Ferrari)

Saturday 19 December - 14:52

Live now: Fatima Ferrari

Fatima Ferrari, a familiar face at MONO blends unapologetic sounds that embody her cultural identity, while paying homage to her influences of club music, She will be on until 15:30, tune in!

Saturday 19 December - 13:34

Live now: Feurich

Rotterdam-based Feurich has arrived and will be pushing his musical expressions in a multitude of waves. Time to lock in.

Saturday 19 December - 12:30

Live now: Charmaine

United Identities's Charmaine is the first of our radio guests today, easing into seven hours of the good stuff. Grab your stereo and turn the dial to MONO: this is a Saturday soundtrack worth your time.

Saturday 19 December - 10:54

Get to know: MONO

As The Netherlands' second largest city, Rotterdam’s nightlife has always been alluring yet somehow struggling. One of the glimmers of hope shining from the harbour city over the past years is MONO, a hidden gem in the city’s cultural nightlife and one of those places that is both small-scale and intimate, yet offering the possibilities for meaningful and intercultural encounters within the realm of electronic music and beyond. They’re hosting a day of radio broadcasts as part of Dekmantel Connects — featuring a talk revolving around their A(WAKE) foundation and DJ sets by Charmaine, Fatima Ferrari, Soft Break, as well as the club’s programmers Giaderza and Mo Jakob.

With previous appearances by DJ Plead, RAMZi, Russell E.L. Butler, OKO DJ, Acemo, MoMA Ready and emerging local whirlwinds like Nala Brown, Arakaza and aforementioned Soft Break, MONO’s musical programming is diverse yet coherent, revolving around open-minded club music in a broad sense. Reggaeton, dancehall, gqom, kuduro and experimental electronics are often heard on the same nights as house, disco and techno, defining the club’s musical profile within an electrifying palette of forward thinking sounds. It’s a place where everything goes, everyone comes, and where local talents and unconventional selectors are favoured over industry headliners.

This dynamic approach to music goes hand in hand with the club’s infrastructure, and is what sets it apart from many of its counterparts. Set up in a single open space surrounded by large windows, the space is open, transparent and easy to enter in the most literal sense. Add low or often non-existent entrance fees and a progressive policy at the door and within its programming, and it’s easy to see how MONO has become a place where everyone can feel welcome, especially those whose voices too often go unheard. Under the flag of A(WAKE), MONO hosts panel talks, readings, exhibitions, debates and other events — part of the mission set out by Shirin Mirachor, art-director of the place since early 2019: “We’re a space for the in-betweeners: for people who don’t want to hold on to only one identity, and want to question the status quo.”

It makes MONO a place where art and politics meet, where the city’s outsiders can experiment and grow, and where its culturally diverse audience can feel at home — and simultaneously get lost on its swarming, smoke-filled dancefloor just as well.

Words by Leonard van Hout

Saturday 19 December - 09:38

We promised 10 days of activity, and we meant it

Day 6 of Dekmantel Connects is upon us! Yes, we are running throughout both Saturday and Sunday: we promised 10 days of activity, and we meant it.

First up today, we have a radio takeover from Rotterdam's MONO, one of the city’s finest spaces. MONO will be easing us into the weekend schedule gently before ramping up to the boisterous sounds of AMPFEMININE’s Soft Break by the close. And if you’d like to find out more about the work AMPFEMININE are doing in Rotterdam, Jasmín Hoek has penned an editorial piece with last night’s star Nala Brown to go into more depth on this, which will be published later on today.

In place of a live performance this evening – everybody needs a break sometimes – we have two panels. Both are essential topics to the Dekmantel universe: an investigation of the intersection between art, culture and the club-festival circuit; and a question of where the Dutch music industry goes next after 2020.

And then to round off the day, another thrilling edition of our head-to-head-not-back-to-back DJ show, this evening with Nymfo and Rachel Green pulling the tunes. A worthy way to spend Saturday overall, we hope you agree.

Saturday 19 December - 09:15

Day 6 is about to start!

Day 6 of Dekmantel Connects is upon us! Yes, we are running Saturday and Sunday — we promised 10 days of activity, and we meant it.

Up today we have a radio takeover from Rotterdam's MONO, a b2b between Nymfo and Rachel Green, and a pair of panels concerning the present state and potential future of the Dutch club, art and music culture. We begin at 12 — see you later on.

Friday 18 December - 23:59

A truly fantastic day of music has come to a close

A truly fantastic day of music has come to a close. Thanks to everyone involved for an unforgettable opening five days of Dekmantel Connects. And now to the weekend – no rest for Saturday and Sunday just yet. If anything, we are only getting started.

Friday 18 December - 23:55

Photo gallery: Sandrien (house set) & Fafi Abdel Nour

Smiles and serious selections: we have arrived at the end of a beautiful b2b between Sandrien and Fafi Abdel Nour, the kind of DJ set to make the world melt away for just a moment. Our hearts are full!

Friday 18 December - 22:30

DJ Show: Sandrien (house set) & Fafi Abdel Nour

Friday night's finale has begun, with two of the DJs we trust and admire the most going head-to-head for a Bud NL DJ show. Fafi Abdel Nour's colourful dancefloor flourishes meet Sandrien on a rare house tip: this one is sure to spark joy.

They're just getting started.

Friday 18 December - 22:27

Photo gallery: Arp Frique & Family

Binding together disparate geographies, musical movements and eras of history with a funky twist, Arp Frique & Family are a joy to behold. We walked away from their performance tonight dazzled. How about you?

Friday 18 December - 21:40

Live act: Arp Frique & Family

The full, freewheeling, collaboration-focused, retro-fantastic Arp Frique & Family are live in session tonight as our Dekmantel Connects Friday night performance. Come join in the chant.

Friday 18 December - 21:25

Photo gallery: Cinnaman & Nala Brown

Nala Brown and Cinnaman zig-zagging through their exceptional record collections, what a pleasure this was for a Friday early evening stream. Thank you for bringing your best, let's hope we can do it again in real life in 2021

Friday 18 December - 20:00

DJ Show: Cinnaman & Nala Brown

Cinnaman is one of our Dekmantel day-ones, and we're thrilled that he joins us tonight with an equally adventurous DJ: Nala Brown. They are going b2b for the next hour, leap in!

Friday 18 December - 19:50

Photo gallery: Mixing and mastering: understanding the basics

If you've ever wondered about the intricacies of mixing and mastering, today's workshop with MarcoAntonio from Maspaventi Studio is a must-watch.

Friday 18 December - 19:15

Introducing: MarcoAntonio Spaventi

Over the past decade, Marco Antonio Spaventi has been building up an impressive catalog of releases, both under his own name and as part of the R-A-G collective (Aroy Dee, G-String, Spaventi), and the Crystal Maze duo (G-String, Spaventi). Many of his productions meander through Italo-disco territories, such as his recent collaborative 12’’ Desire with Aroy Dee on Bordello A Parigi, but he also dipped his toes into more ambient – driven cinematic waters with releases like Cinema EP for the soundtrack series of Slow Motion and Viaggi LP on Pizzico Records. Although, that makes up only a sliver of all the records he lent his magic touch to.

Being a professional audio engineer in mixing, mastering, and sound design, Marco Antonio Spaventi has helped records of the likes of Terrence Dixon, Robert Hood and John Beltran sound as crisp and impactful as they do. Next to teaching the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Institute Amsterdam, he shares his know-how and profound expertise through workshops and lessons for Ableton, Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, and the School of House among others. Right now, the Italian don mainly operates from within his studio at Nachtlab complex: a professionally tuned room equipped with high-definition full range PMC speakers and some of the best vintage and modern synthesizers and drum machines.

Well, who would explain to you the nitty-gritty of post-production better than this sonic maven? He sits down with Eelco Couvreur to shed light on balancing and polishing your tracks for the next hour.

Words by Angelina Nikolayeva

Friday 18 December - 19:06

Workshop: Mixing and mastering: understanding the basics

With engineering credits for the likes of Hunee, Fatima Yamaha, Khidja, Dimi Angélis, Jex Opolis, Betonkust, Delta Funktionen and so many more, MarcoAntonio Spaventi is a man we trust on mixing and mastering.

He is in conversation with Eelco Couvreur now, as part of our daily Lynk&Co Dekmantel Connects workshops.

Friday 18 December - 18:45

Photo gallery: seven hours of radio Rush Hour

Seven hours of radio Rush Hour, what a rush!

To every DJ who has brought their music to Dekmantel Connects across our airwaves takeovers this Monday-Friday, we can't thank you enough. It's brought cheer to the depths of winter. The levels have been set for the next five days... let's see where it takes us.

Friday 18 December - 18:25

Live now: Interstellar Funk

Interstellar Funk and his 80's tinged label Artificial Dance have been key in bringing wave sounds back to the fore in recent times. Earlier this year he gave rise to the acclaimed Waves Of Synth collection on Rush Hour, which was packed with carefully dug out gems and forgotten classics. On for another 30 minutes, it's Amsterdam's very own Olf.

Friday 18 December - 16:52

Live now: Antal

The sun has gone down, and Rush Hour chief Antal has come out — the second last radio guest of the day is bringing the hits.

Friday 18 December - 16:09

Photo gallery: Halfway through the day with the silky-smooth sounds of Rush Hour

So far, Rush Hour ave treated us to the silky-smooth sounds of Boy Q, Coco Maria, Bonnefooi and a DJ set from Arp Frique before his full Family live set this evening. You don't want to miss the second half — they're still rolling until 19:00 CET.

Friday 18 December - 15:30

Now playing: Os Tincoãs - Deixa A Gira Girar (by Bonnefooi)

Friday 18 December - 15:15

Live now: Bonnefooi

Funk, soul and afro-beat and the sounds Bonnefooi uses to tell his stories and plot his musical adventures from the 60s right up to the present day. We've said it before and we'll say it again: don't forget to tune in.

Friday 18 December - 14:40

Live now: Arp Frique (DJ-set)

Before he takes the stage with his family band tonight, he's on with a solo DJ-set during Rush Hour's radio broadcast. Lock in!

Friday 18 December - 14:25

Feature: Alternative clubbing: Taking the rave to the supermarket

Since the nightlife is forced to lock down many of us feel the loss that the ban on clubbing has left behind. We take a closer look at four inspiring alternatives to keep the music, arts and culture going while struggling with challenges of social distancing and other corona measures.

In June, after being locked down for three months, clubs were allowed to open their doors again, albeit under strict regulations: only seated guests are allowed and the 1,5 meter distance should be maintained at any time. But what remains of a club night when dancing is not allowed? Clubs had to adapt and find a form that works for them and their community.

A successful example is the Amsterdam-based Doka. Since June, the intimate club in the basement of the Volkshotel has organised sit-down sessions on a regular basis. The finest local DJ's play their records on arguably the best sound system in the city — last year the club underwent a serious audio treatment. It reopened in October 2019 as a HiFi soundbar, that focuses on quality of “sound rather than volume”. Taking inspiration from Japan's culture of audiophile venues, who have pioneered a very different, more sedentary style of clubbing, designed to please both dedicated audiophiles and a more casual crowd alike.

With all the innovations, 2020 should have been a promising year for the renewed Doka. But instead it became an indefinite period of uncertainty, when COVID-19 hit The Netherlands. “We’ve been bursting with ambitions and plans, and have been programming months ahead. To postpone everything was a real disappointment.” says Axel van der Lugt, programmer at Doka. “It forces us to act ad-hoc on the situation and be creative. But I'm glad that we can at least be busy and offer something to the community.”

Since the summer, when a number of corona rules were relaxed, Doka has been organizing ‘sit-down sessions’. Almost every weekend guests can sign up for a time slot and enjoy the music from their couches and chairs. Doka regulars like KAMMA, Masalo, Carista, Suze Iljo, Margie and Mary Lake play special listening sets in an intimate setting.

Currently Doka is one of the very few places in Amsterdam where it’s still possible to collectively enjoy music in a club setting. With the latest round of curfews and restrictions in the Netherlands amid a rising second wave of coronavirus cases in Europe, the Dutch Government decided that stricter measures are needed to bring down the number of infections. All establishments that serve food and drinks had to close, except hotels serving hotel guests — allowing Doka to stay open, but only for guests of the Volkshotel. “It’s a challenge to ensure that there's a consistency in what we do, while everything is constantly changing. It causes a lot of headaches,” Axel says. “But it’s important for us to continue because we’re one of three music venues that are allowed to be open.”

In anticipation of the new rules, the Volkshotel introduced a ‘night out’ package, including an overnight stay, dinner and access to a sit-down session in Doka. The workaround turned out to be very popular. "We see people booking their arrangement very far ahead, without even knowing the program. It shows that people longing for a night out, to listen to music together. I am happy that we can do something and offer an alternative in these challenging times.”

The sit-down sessions seem to match the direction Doka has taken: as a soundbar, that's inspired by the listing bar concept, where usually the focus is on - hench the name - listening to music, rather than dancing to it. Axel agrees: “We already started with it last year, but due to corona we have expanded the concept. It is one of the few positive things that this crisis has produced.”

Axel sees it happening that Doka will continue organising sit-down sessions after corona, now that the concept catched on. “But after sitting for almost a year, people are probably done with it,” Axel laughs. “I think Doka also remains a great place to dance.”

Just like every programmer during the pandemic, Axel was completely dependent on artists from the region. “It was refreshing to see that there’s enough talent here to rely on. It's a good sign for our scene.” He believes it’s important for clubs to invest in the local scene in terms of bookings and audiences. It is something that Doka advocates, also before the pandemic, “as a reaction to the globalization of the club industry,” Axel says. “We want to contribute to the night culture of our city, by giving space for local DJs and the artists who reside in this building. It’s great to have big names playing and it’s very special when large DJs play in such a small venue, but that's not our focus.”

But time will tell whether the current momentum can continue to build a stronger foundation for the local scene. “It can go both ways. It’s possible that if the clubs reopen a kind of supermarket war will start, where clubs compete with each other by booking the biggest headliners. But I hope we get a scene that will focus more on the artists and visitors from their own city.”

Read the full long read here. Words by Ramon de Lima

Friday 18 December - 13:05

Live now: Coco Maria

We are a great admirer of Coco María, whose knowledge of Central and South American music is seemingly limitless. It's a treat to have her on today's Rush Hour radio takeover — she is live now, so don't miss this one.

Friday 18 December - 12:38

Now playing: Tashan - Read My Mind (by Boy Q)

Friday 18 December - 12:20

Live now: Boy Q

Rush Hour store manager Boy Q has heard billions of hours of records and distills the best of them into his own sets. His private collection is surely one of the best out there with sections that take in musical sounds and scenes from every conceivable niche around the world. There's no better way to start your morning, tune in!

Friday 18 December - 10:59

Get to know: Rush Hour

Today’s lunch-to-dinner menu is catered by one of Amsterdam’s most treasured record shops and stalwart labels. Having started off in the late ’90s as a rare vinyl dealer, today, Rush Hour is one of the most recognized music distributors in Europe and a surefire purveyor of wax of all genres and styles. With pure love for music at its core, this 360-degree venture is an epitome for DIY; their business plan was no more than a to-do list when they were making their first steps. No wonder that one of Rush Hour’s founders, Antal, often describes its today’s success as “a hobby that got out of hand”.

Rush Hour’s story began with two friends Antal Heitlager and Christiaan Macdonald buying a stockpile of house records from Coco Records in Zaandam and launching a mail-order store straight from their student house. They would later establish a physical shop in the basement of a hairdresser's in Spuistraat in 1997 before finding its current home in a more spacious building down that same street in 2016. Next to unearthing forgotten classics and compiling unreleased gems, they would import obscure records from around the globe, but most importantly, send works of underground Dutch artists overseas. But that can only count as a mere fraction of its contribution to nurturing homegrown talent. Having established itself as no less than a cultural institution, Rush Hour provided a platform for artists like Young Marco and Interstellar Funk to grow and break through internationally. The creative hub has also become a second home for local legends such as Aardvarck and San Proper – the affection of the latter runs so deeply that he inked the brand logo into his bicep.

That said, what’s not to love about this place? As you enter the characteristic old building with large windows and intricately carved stone columns, you are welcomed with a warm smile and shelves packed with some of the most eclectic selections of vinyl in Amsterdam. With regular BYOB in-stores – especially the famous ADE sessions - the store is a melting pot for people from various musical backgrounds. Regular visitors of the store will know about the long waiting lines for the turntables on a busy day. Good thing, right now, the only thing we have to wait for is tasty selections being served to us on a hot plate by the lovely Rush Hour fam’.

Words by Angelina Nikolayeva

Friday 18 December - 09:19

Cinnaman & Nala Brown, Rush Hour, Arp Frique & Family and much more....

We are officially at the halfway mark of Dekmantel Connects, and we intend to celebrate it!

There’s no looking past radio Rush Hour as the centrepiece of the day, really. Between chief Antal, our dear friend Interstellar Funk, Central & South American specialist Coco María, the buoyant buddies Kamma & Masalo and more, we get to drink in a very special 7hrs on the airwaves.

And then, the evening brings even more. One of the sharpest engineers in the business will be giving out trade secrets before the sprawling, super-funky Arp Frique & Family step up to dazzle us.

And it’s Friday after all, so we have not one but two of our Bud NL DJ shows for you. Earlier in the evening, the genre-bending of Nala Brown and Cinnaman will combine, before the joyous combo of Fafi Abdel Nour and Sandrien push us past midnight and into the weekend.

Grab whatever snack and supplies you usually power your Friday with, and come spend it with us.

Friday 18 December - 09:08

We've made it to the halway mark of Dekmantel Connects already? Time to celebrate.

Up today: Sandrien b2b Fafi Abdel Nour, the Arp Frique Family Band, Cinnaman b2b Nala Brown, a Rush Hour radio takeover and a studio-focused workshop. Get ready for a whirlwind 12 hours!

Thursday 17 December - 23:45

This was the Thursday of Dekmantel Connects

All together: two very special live performances, an anything-goes head-to-head DJ set, a bass-heavy radio takeover, and critical workshop knowledge for any aspiring label owners: this was the Thursday of Dekmantel Connects. Thanks for spending it with us.

A big and hugely DJ-focused Friday beckons... see you then.

Thursday 17 December - 23:30

Photo gallery: Victor Crezée & Mairo Nawaz

With record collections spanning everything from techno to intergalactic electro, we hoped Mairo Nawaz and Victor Crezée were set to dazzle when they stepped up to the 1s and 2s tonight. And dazzle they did.

Thursday 17 December - 22:00

DJ Show: Victor Crezée & Mairo Nawaz

Monday wasn't the last we've seen of the Patta crew: two of their key players are in session for tonight's Bud DJ Show. Victor Crezée and Mairo Nawaz are live in effect now – tune in!

Thursday 17 December - 21:55

Photo gallery: Slagmann (Talismann w/ Slagwerk Den Haag & Heleen Blanken)

The lucid visuals of Heleen Blanken – whose work has adorned Trouw, Draaimolen and numerous techno goliaths – met the stunning music of Talismann and Slagwerk Den Haag tonight. One to remember.

Thursday 17 December - 21:30

Introducing: Slagmann

We’ve all spent never-ending nights to the glorious, ‘black hole’ sound of Guy Blanken (aka Talismann, aka Makam). As his various monikers imply, the Dutch techno producer and Dekmantel regular doesn’t ever shy away from shifting shape and presenting something completely new. Slagmann is the latest of his musical experiments: a live collaboration with the percussion ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag and visual artist Heleen Blanken.

Described as a 'ritualistic experience', Slagmann released its first album last year.Krysalis is a synthesis of hypnotizing rhythmic patterns and organic soundscapes — sometimes minimal and dreamy, at other times euphoric and explosive. As one, Talismann and Slagwerk Den Haag are guaranteed to have you questioning concepts of time, place and space — guiding you through various stages of hypnosis. Slagmann’s visual identity and live visuals come from the skilled hands of Heleen Blanken, whose poetic work will lead you even deeper into a beautiful void.

Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Thursday 17 December - 21:00

Live act: Slagmann (Talismann w/ Slagwerk Den Haag & Heleen Blanken)

When Talismann and Slagwerk Den Haag come together, their aim is to combine the alien and the organic. We have this supernatural synergy on full display as the second Dekmantel Connects live performance, with visuals tailored by Heleen Blanken. Strap in.

Thursday 17 December - 20:44

Photo gallery: Altın Gün

Grammy-nominated, twelve-legged, outer-zone trippers Altın Gün in the building at Dekmantel Connects. The pleasure was ours, and we hope yours too.

Thursday 17 December - 19:58

Live act: Altın Gün

For the first of two Dekmantel Connects live performances this evening, we are delighted to host Anatolian psych troupe Altın Gün. Tune in for a preview of 2021's forthcoming album 'Yol' and some of their funky classics.

Thursday 17 December - 19:50

Photo gallery: Running a record label

Mark van de Maat (Knekelhuis), Sjoerd Oberman (Nous'klaer Audio) and our moderator Frederique van Waningen in conversation today, chewing over the dizzying highs, terrifying lows and creamy middles of running a record label in the digital age. Out to Lynk & Co for supporting these knowledge forums.

Thursday 17 December - 18:58

Workshop: Running a record label by Knekelhuis and Nous'klaer

Have you ever wondered what running a record label is truly like?

For today's Dekmantel Connects workshop, we have sought advice from two of the most distinct contemporary Dutch labels: Nous'klaer Audio, represented by Sjoerd Oberman, and Knekelhuis, represented by Mark van de Maat. Frederique van Waningen has them in conversation, tune in now for some wisdom from the best.

Thursday 17 December - 18:57

Photo gallery: No sleep 'till Groningen

Fafi Abdel Nour, MSJY, DJ Leoni, DJ Boeing 747, Long Bram, Selin and Nathan Homan: we were blessed with riches on air today as OOST opened their chest of musical treasures. No sleep 'till Groningen.

Thursday 17 December - 18:41

Live now: Fafi Abdel Nour

What's not to love about Fafi Abdel Nour? Tune in for a ride through his house collection, wrapping up OOST's radio takeover with class.

Thursday 17 December - 17:20

Live now: Nathan Homan

One of the several OOST residents and close affiliates we are happy to host on air today, Groningen's Nathan Homan is guiding us through the late afternoon afternoon in fine style.

Thursday 17 December - 16:46

Now playing: Ma Sha Ru - Face (by Long Bram)

Thursday 17 December - 16:23

Live now: Long Bram

From Cyan85 to Ma Sha Ru; OOST mainstay Long Bram - also known as Bram Steenhuis - has been serving up a deep yet dynamic set. He's on for another 30 minutes, don't sleep.

Thursday 17 December - 16:14

Photo gallery: We're halfway through our OOST radio broadcast...

MSJY, DJ Boeing 747, Selin and DJ Leoni already left the building, whilst Long Bram is playing at this very moment. Fafi Abdel Nour and Nathan Homan are still on to follow, so keep locked in if you want to join us along the ride.

Thursday 17 December - 15:45

Now playing: Tracey - Cclrt (by DJ Leoni)

Thursday 17 December - 15:30

Live now: DJ Leoni

A resident at OOST and the name behind one of 2019's most enjoyable Dekmantel Radio sets too: DJ Leoni is at the beginning of her path but has chops and taste to match anyone. Tune in and get an early glance at a fast-rising talent.

Thursday 17 December - 14:30

Live now: Selin

This Groningen based OOST resident spans acidic broken beats and hypnotizing grooves, playful electro and techno. All being showcased at the moment, hear for yourself.

Thursday 17 December - 13:50

Interview: Altın Gün: A cultural celebration of Turkish folk music

With a wholehearted adoration for Turkish folk music, Jasper Verhulst set out to form a band to celebrate the sound of the Anatolia region. Altın Gün fused the traditionals with psych-rock and disco aesthetics, melding together a perfect concoction of Anatolian neo-folk. While folk music resonated in a background decorated with dangling plants and vinyl records, we sat down with Jasper to look back at this turbulent year (especially for the cultural industry), the band’s Grammy nominee, their cultural celebration of Turkish folk music and how the pandemic influenced their recording sessions.

Hi Jasper! let’s start with the elephant in the room: how has the past year been for you and the band?

First of all, we’re grateful for the fact that we didn’t release our last album Gece in 2020 but last year. We were able to go on tour for a year, playing in the US, around Europe and even went to Indonesia. I really feel for the bands who released their records earlier this year and were met with an unfortunate schedule. You know, by the time some live performances would be possible again, the tunes aren’t as fresh anymore. We can’t deny that there’s also a financial aspect that’s lost here as well, as bands gain a better income from concerts than from the sales of a record nowadays. Streams just don’t compare.

Seems like you guys dodged a bullet there, given the unforeseeable outcome of this pandemic.

Definitely, we’re fully aware that things just fell into place. Prior to the pandemic, we already planned to start writing and recording new music around Spring and had a couple of cool gigs to look forward to. Big ones that’d take Altın Gün to the next stage such as Coachella (US) and Fuji Rock (JP). Missing those sucks, but I think I speak for all of us if I say that we’re amazed at what still was possible. It isn’t called the creative industry without a reason. From live stream events in Germany to (really) small outdoor festivals in Switzerland and even a show at Carré here in Amsterdam, together with the illustrious Metropool Orkest.

Tell us a little more about that experience with the Metropool Orkest at Carré.

We had 4 shows lined up, but due to the new restrictions in that same week, it was cut down to 2 shows with a smaller audience. We did feel a different energy from the crowd, as people aren’t allowed to get up and dance, which is normally the case during our shows. The audience’s feeling of a night out with live music was almost tangible those two nights.

It’s very inspiring to hear a more than 50 piece orchestra do a rendition of our songs. Take in account that there are 6 composers who translate and transcribe songs to sheet music for the orchestra to play. It’s mind-blowing to hear all the different strings bring the tunes to life that way.

And what about the studio sessions you mentioned earlier? Did anything change in the way Altın Gün makes music now.

At the start of the lockdown, I bought the 808 clone Behringer just released around that same time. That’s how a lot of songs started. From there they went back and forth between the band. Sometimes our singer [Merve] would cheerfully respond with “This [Turkish] traditional would fit right with this beat,” added some melody ideas on the keys and we would all chip in to complete the track.

Read the full interview here. Words by Maurice Dharampal

Thursday 17 December - 13:35

Now playing: MiG-29 - Enhanced Souls (by DJ Boeing 747)

Thursday 17 December - 13:07

Live now: DJ Boeing 747

You can always be assured you will take off with DJ Boeing 747 in control. Known for his all killer, no filler selections and versatility in the booth, he is a real bass specialist. Tune in for the last 35 minutes of his set.

Thursday 17 December - 12:15

Live now: MSJY

MSJY is first up on OOST's airwaves takeover today! Recently reinvented from Miss Jay, if you caught her foundation-shaking, heavyweight sessions last summer, you'll know this is set not to miss. Come meditate on brunch-time bassweight.

Thursday 17 December - 10:38

Get to know: OOST

We’re digitally travelling towards the east of The Netherlands as Groningen-based club OOST hosts a takeover of today's radio stream. OOST was founded in April 2016, and similar to many clubs has had to close its doors until further notice. Its program is fully focused on the nightlife in the broadest sense of the word; besides being a nightclub OOST regularly organizes in-depth talks about societal issues. ‘Het Discourse’ as the panels are called, are meant to encourage our community to reflect on issues we encounter in our scene. Above all, OOST created an environment where local artists are able to develop and showcase themselves - DJ’s like Fafi Abdel Nour and MSJY can attest to this. In collaboration with OOST, the DJ’s created HOMOOST: a musical safe space where the local queer community can come together. As a go-to spot for electronic music lovers, the queer community and local artists, OOST has definitely proven to be an inspiring haven and cultural hub for creatives.

OOST’s takeover will be full of sets with DJ’s who are a quintessential part of OOST’s community with MSJY as the opening act. She is followed up by fellow key figures in OOST’s circles: DJ’s Boeing 747, Selin, Leoni, Long Bram and Nathan Homan select tracks reminiscent of better, pandemic-less days during their following sets. Finally, HOMOOST resident Fafi Abdel Nour closes OOST’s family reunion with a 60 minute set.

On another note: in order to survive the financial strain of the pandemic, OOST set up a GoFundMe and raised a whopping 9500 euros so far. If you are able to financially support them, head on over to their fundraiser and donate to ensure their future existence.

Words by Chelsea Pachito

Thursday 17 December - 09:17

What's on the programme for today?

If there’s one theme for Day 4 of Dekmantel Connects, it is ‘unique experiences’.

Why is that? Well, for starters, we have the best club in Groningen taking control of this afternoon’s airwaves: that would be OOST, of course. Deviant bass workouts will be on offer from the likes of MSJY, DJ Leoni and Fafi Abdel Nour plus a handful of the club’s residents — and this is just to warm up.

Our early evening workshop with Lynk & Co offers expert advice on running a record label from two of the most treasured imprints in our local electronic scene: Nous’klaer Audio (repped by Sjoerd Oberman) and Knekelhuis (repped by Mark van de Maat). And by night, the adventurous trunk-rattling twosome that is Vic Crezée and Mairo Nawaz go head-to-head.

To top it off, we have not one but two live performances. The swirling visuals of Heleen Blanken — ones you might have seen backing superstar DJs at many a festival and club over the years — will complement a new collaboration between our close friend Talismann and Slagwerk Den Haag. And oh, there’s the little matter of Grammy-nominated Altın Gün bringing an exclusive preview of their sure-to-be world-beating new album.

All this for free, in case today is your first spent with us. Sound good to you? Well then dive right in. We are wheels-up imminently.

Thursday 17 December - 09:03

An exciting day of activity awaits

An exciting day of activity awaits: Altın Gün, Victor Crezée b2b Mairo Nawaz, Slagmann, an OOST radio takeover and a special workshop with Nous'klaer Audio and Knekelhuis on the ins and outs of running a record label. Day 4 of Dekmantel Connects is moments away.

Wednesday 16 December - 22:30

Day 3 was a full exposition of everything we are all about

Day 3 of Dekmantel Connects was a full exposition of everything we are all about: an intersection of electronic music, classic cinema, thought-provoking conversation, online radio and pride in Dutch talent. We hope you enjoyed it. Onward to Day 4

Wednesday 16 December - 21:02

RE:VIVE & Dekmantel present Scores III

Up now, a one-off film premiere as part of Dekmantel Connects: we are showing ‘Scores III’, the next in our audiovisual collaboration with RE:VIVE, this year featuring Interstellar Funk, Sjoerd Martens and Guenter Råle bringing new music to an old arthouse classic.

Wednesday 16 December - 20:50

Photo gallery: Live Act: Alberta Balsam

Flanked by a grid of flashing lights, Rotterdam's Alberta Balsam conjured an electrical storm at Dekmantel Connects this evening.

Wednesday 16 December - 20:30

Introducing: Alberta Balsam

From the cradle of United Identities – the radio show, record label and club night curated by none other than Carista – please welcome another remarkable newcomer. Alberta Balsam (born: Aniek de Rooij) is a Rotterdam-based producer, live performer and DJ whose sound is heavily rooted in IDM, experimental acid, electro and techno – leaving just enough space for the right dose of breaks.

To those who experience one of her performances, it’ll be no surprise that Aphex Twin, Speedy J and Boards of Canada sit side-to-side among Alberta Balsam’s favourites. While primarily focusing on hardware-based live sets and productions, her DJ sets are characterized by an eclectic and bold track selection, ranging from pounding techno and electro to fuzzy acid and ambient. Dig301, the artist’s contribution to Modern Intimacy Volume 1, is as soulful as it is futuristic – miraculously leaving a listener both hot and cold.

Dekmantel Connects is proud to host a live set by this rising talent. Tune in for a radical balm of body and soul.

Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Wednesday 16 December - 20:00

Alberta Balsam

Our live show for Day 3 of Dekmantel Connects is Rotterdam's fêted acid-electro producer Alberta Balsam, with a table of hardware accompanying her. Give your Wednesday a jolt.

Wednesday 16 December - 19:05

Finding funding: where to start?

Applications, funding, grants: a white-hot topic in 2020, for good reasons and bad

In our second Dekmantel Connects workshop, Amsterdam's super-trusted polymath Femke Dekker is here to guide you through what stimulus might be available to the cultural sector, and how best to attain it.

Wednesday 16 December - 18:45

Photo gallery: Wrap up of Garage Noord's radio take-over

A big thank you to the Garage Noord crew and their guests for taking over our radio today!

Starting in a bit: Finding funding: where to start? By Femke Dekker. Keep it locked.

Wednesday 16 December - 18:30

Now playing: LX One - Kingsland Dub (by Lulu)

Wednesday 16 December - 18:20

Live now: Lulu

A resident of the much-missed Strange Sounds From Beyond, Lulu is here to bring Garage Noord's radio takeover to a typically trippy close. Don't miss this one!

Wednesday 16 December - 17:07

Live now: Mickenik

Garage Noord resident Mickenik is a beacon of mesmerising sounds and twisted rhythms. Tune in to hear what he sounds like.

Wednesday 16 December - 17:00

Interview: Pleasureful rebellion: my name is not mata explores sensuality and finds beauty in darkness

Formerly known as Mata Hari, sometimes operating as, my name is not mata, refuses to coalesce into a definable form. As eclectic as they are danceable, her mixes are a kaleidoscope of jagged broken-beat, gothic industrial, feminist spoken-word, R&B and electro, each twist and turn sparking new, effervescent shapes.

A beloved presence in the Dutch scene, my name is not mata is a former resident at Strange Sounds from Beyond and has made appearances on LYL, BIZAARBAZAAR, c-, Motion Ward, Red Light Radio, Future Intel and Rotterdam’s Operator Radio. On social media she is just as eminent and entertaining, posting niche music-related memes and cryptic track titles. Catching up just after the recording of her Dekmantel Connects stream with the legendary DJ Marcelle, we spoke about the joy of dancing and her desire to be authentic, especially when facing difficult times.

Hey there! How did the set go?

Hi! I hope as great as it felt in the moment. There were some chaotic bits, yet I can’t wait to watch it! Usually, I put a lot of thought into my mixes. But since I was going to go back-to-back with Marcelle, I wasn’t able to prepare definite transitions like I often try to do. We met up beforehand to go through some of the records I was considering to play, to make a cohesive aesthetic somehow, but both knowing it would be a wild ride regardless. Marcelle makes every decision on the spot, and it works! I, however, am a fairly anxious and hyper person so that approach doesn’t seem to go too well for me. Yet I’ve found if I can get completely in the zone then the fear can melt away slightly and sometimes even completely. During the stream I even forgot the cameras were rolling. It's so liberating if I'm able to let go of being self-conscious and just be entranced by the music entirely.

On your Soundcloud page, there is a quote from the song ‘Somebody Else’s World’ by the Afrofuturist musician, Sun Ra: Somebody else's idea of somebody else's world / Is not my idea of things as they are / Somebody else's idea of things to come / Need not be the only way / To vision the future. Can you tell me what that song means to you?

Sun Ra is a huge inspiration. He was initially the reason that I loved the name Mata Hari, which translates to “eye of day” in Malay, meaning the sun. Since “Sun Ra” refers to both the deity of the Sun as well as the Sun itself, that was my way of saying I’m deeply inspired by his approach to life and music. Everything about his work as a jazz composer, piano, synthesizer player and radical thinker has been so influential on me. Of course, I’m not saying that I’m remotely as talented as him, but I find a lot of meaning and especially healing in his worldview and art. That quote is particularly special because it’s about questioning the established ways of doing things and opening yourself up to alterity.

I recently started reading the biography of another Afrofuturist, the jazz-mystic Alice Coltrane. She speaks about her music as a way to reach the divine and to explore spirituality and cosmology.

That’s extremely present in Sun Ra’s lyrics as well as in the way that he dressed, which was literally out of this world. He didn’t identify with being from Earth and instead saw empowerment as coming from outer space or as an alien entity – being in The Universe. This was a guiding principle for the commune he started in Philadelphia that meshed together music with cosmic philosophy. We get so stuck on a fixed idea of what things should be, and Sun Ra was trying to move outside those kinds of limitations.

Read the full interview here. Words by Hannah Pezzack

Wednesday 16 December - 16:35

Photo gallery: Garage Noord crew in full effect

Garage Noord crew in full effect — the sounds of Donker Tapes, DJ Corridor, Max Abysmal and Caline With C gone by; Mickenik and Lulu still to come.

Wednesday 16 December - 16:30

Now playing: Chicks On Speed - Euro Trash Girl (by Caline with C)

Wednesday 16 December - 16:12

Live now: Caline with C

Caline with C likes to challenge expectations and explore the unknown. and always manages to find harmony on her quest to balance abstract sounds with darkness and light.

Wednesday 16 December - 15:10

Now playing: Jay Bahd feat. City-Boy, O'kenneth, Reggie & Kwaku D.M.C. (by Max Abysmal)

Wednesday 16 December - 14:57

Live now: Max Abysmal

Live on air now as part of today's Dekmantel Connects radio programme is the familiar face of Max Abysmal – hi Max! With another four hours of fantastic music via the Garage Noord crew, there's nowhere better to be.

Wednesday 16 December - 14:00

Photo gallery: DJ shows portraits by Loes de Boer

It couldn't be a Dekmantel project without DJs, right? Many thanks to the talented Loes de Boer for capturing portraits of some of the selectors on display across Dekmantel Connects: Intergalactic Gary, mad miran, Steve Rachmad, Vic Crezée, Identified Patient, Fafi Abdel Nour, Nala Brown and more. Check the full photo feature here.

Wednesday 16 December - 13:50

Now playing: DJ J Heat - Stranded Dub

Wednesday 16 December - 13:46

Live now: DJ Corridor

Amsterdam’s DJ Corridor - also known as Rural Juror - has stepped into the radio studio for an hour filled with everything from DJ Blaqstarr to Flying Lotus.

Wednesday 16 December - 12:40

Now playing: Pearson Sound & Clara! - Mi Cuerpo (by Donker Tapes)

Wednesday 16 December - 12:25

Live now: Donker Tapes

Donker Tapes is an experimental platform for music and art that usually hosts events at Garage Noord each month. From post-punk to lo-fi ambient electronics, expect an excursion to the gritty and experimental edges of sound. Lock in.

Wednesday 16 December - 11:00

Get to know: Garage Noord

It almost hurts a little to write about Garage Noord when we haven’t been able to stop by and share in this beautiful space for the largest part of 2020. Even in times of trouble, however, there is no stopping the intimate club on Amsterdam’s blooming Northside – and we gladly give the collective its own, well-deserved platform during Dekmantel Connects.

Founded in 2017, Garage Noord has quickly become the go-to spot for all light and heavy sounds on the fringes of club culture. From a dinner date on the terrace with The Netherlands’ own experimentalists, to a twisted nocturnal techno affair with headliners from overseas: in this small space, all things seem possible. Garage Noord is mostly a community effort where the bliss of night (and day) allows for interaction and connection. In addition, it has catalyzed the careers of a host of brilliant DJs – such as Merel Rhizoom, DJ Serene and Drknghts Collective – which might have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for Garage. In short, all of this is what constitutes an excellent club. Or, as its patrons would say, ‘Garage is life (the rest is just a detail)’.

For its Dekmantel Connects radio day, Garage Noord is bringing what it brings best: sound explorations of all kinds of musical fields, provided by Donker Tapes, DJ Corridor, Max Abysmal, Caline with C, Mickenik and Lulu.

Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Wednesday 16 December - 10:30

No rest as we enter the middle stretch of Dekmantel Connects Week 1

No rest as we enter the middle stretch of Dekmantel Connects Week 1. In fact, today’s programme pushes even further out than before.

Garage Noord will be seeing us through lunch and beyond, bringing DJs who embody the marriage of craftsmanship and freewheeling fun that the Amsterdam venue is known for.

In the late afternoon, we hand over to a close friend of ours, the ever-dependable Femke Dekker, to talk through the specifics of finding funding in a key workshop for independent artists (if this means you reading, do set an alarm!)

The evening splits in two parts. Rotterdam’s Alberta Balsam will be bringing an acid-tinged live hardware set to our Het HEM homebase, before we premiere ‘Scores III’. With this, we work once again with RE:VIVE to grab arthouse cinematography of the past, and marry it to electronic music of the present day, thanks to the ingenuity of 2020’s graduating class: Interstellar Funk, Sjoerd Martens and Guenter Råle.

If this sounds like an appealing day to you, well then hey, you’re in luck! We’re kicking off any moment now.

Wednesday 16 December - 10:00

Day 3 of Dekmantel Connects is upon us!

Day 3 of Dekmantel Connects is upon us! In store: a Garage Noord radio takeover; the premiere of 'Scores III', our ongoing audiovisual project with RE:VIVE; a workshop, hosted by Femke Dekker, on acquiring artistic funding; and a set of live electronics by Alberta Balsam. Here is the timetable, and you can catch all the action on here.

Tuesday 15 December - 23:31

Photo gallery: DJ Shows: DJ Marcelle & my name is not mata

Two of Amsterdam's very finest DJs went head-to-head tonight. Impossible to pigeonhole and impossible not to admire: thank you, DJ Marcelle and my name is not mata.

With that, day 2 of Dekmantel Connects is a wrap. Thanks to all contributors for an education on musical and topical terms. The programme is back tomorrow for more of the same: workshops, DJ sets, live shows, radio takeovers, and maybe a moment to breathe if we can find it? We'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday 15 December - 22:00

DJ Show: DJ Marcelle & my name is not mata

DJ Marcelle and my name is not mata are the deep-diggers stepping up for tonight's round of Bud DJ shows at Dekmantel Connects. This B2B could go everywhere, so don't go anywhere.

Tuesday 15 December - 21:47

Photo gallery: Live Act: Peaking Lights

Six albums in and no sign of stopping: Peaking Lights remain one of our favourite acts on earth, and tonight's Dekmantel Connects performance was further proof. Couple goals, as they say.

Tuesday 15 December - 21:00

Live Act: Peaking Lights

The live performance at Dekmantel Connects this evening comes from Dekmantel Records' very own Peaking Lights, bringing their usual rubber-grooved, dubbed-out, trippy pop to our studio in Amsterdam — and a dose of Californian sunshine we hope too. Tune in and bask in the light.

Tuesday 15 December - 20:55

Photo gallery: In Conversation With: Jameszoo

He's no "Fool" – Jameszoo in conversation was a rich and rewarding listen.

Tuesday 15 December - 20:30

Introducing: Jameszoo

Keeping things funky in The Netherlands, is Mitchel van Dinther better known as Jamezszoo. The ‘s-Hertogenbosch-based producer and DJ has been in the game for over a decade. He’s known for his signature jazz-meets-experimental electronics sound, a style he has given the name “naive computer jazz”. After several releases on local labels, including Rush Hour-affiliated Kindred Spirits, Jameszoo got his big break with the release of his debuutalbum in 2016. Fool appeared on Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles-based record label Brainfeeder, and it includes his mind-melting, yet extremely catchy song Crumble. Last year, Jameszoo released his second album on Brainfeeder in collaboration with Jules Buckley and the Metropole Orkest, which is an orchestral narration of Fool recorded in Amsterdam’s Melkweg concert hall.

In all his output, from releases to DJ sets, he keeps blurring boundaries between acoustic and computerized, and between abstract and groovy. Which is precisely why he has been and stayed a Dekmantel favourite over the years. This year, he surprised us with a 24-hour mix for our In Focus series, which showcases his exhaustive record collection, and his excellent genre-transcending taste. Tune in now as we'll be picking his brain to try and get a grip on his creative mind, and get a glimpse into projects and ideas he has been recently working on.

Words by Jasmín Hoek

Tuesday 15 December - 20:02

In Conversation With: Jameszoo

Jameszoo, one of the most adventurous contemporary Dutch electronic producers, is in the hotseat for the first of our Dekmantel Connects 1-to-1s. Let's see what this curious mind has to say.

Tuesday 15 December - 19:45

Photo gallery: Workshop: Music rights & alternative income streams for independent artist

Donelle Kosch of Amsterdam's The Collective Studio has been deep in conversation with Dennis de Groot, hashing out essential questions about from sync details to maintaining artistic integrity.

Tuesday 15 December - 19:02

Workshop: Music rights & alternative income streams for independent artist

Navigating the music industry was enough of a challenge before 2020. For Day 2 of our Dekmantel Connects workshops and panels, in association with Lynk & Co, we have assembled experts in this field to go over three core topics:

What are your rights as a musician, and how best to protest them? Where to locate alternative income streams that support your creative freedom? And does weighing up formalities such as these detract from the making of independent art?

Tune in and we hope the discussion is of some assistance.

Tuesday 15 December - 18:45

Now playing: Nice Girl - Whistling Thorn (by Naone)

Tuesday 15 December - 18:30

Live now: Naone

Seoul-born, Amsterdam-residing Naone is the final Radio Radio guest for today. Don't miss her dreamweaving DJ set as their takeover reaches its conclusion, and we began the evening portion of today's Dekmantel Connects programme.

Tuesday 15 December - 17:55

Now playing: Toma Kami - This Side Up (Forest Drive West Remix) (by Human Space Machine)

Tuesday 15 December - 17:40

Live now: Human Space Machine

Human Space Machine takes us on a trip to the edges of our galaxy with his trippy house and techno.

Tuesday 15 December - 17:08

Feature: Creating more with less: building your budget live set-up

In a landscape saturated with DJ sets, live electronic music performance provides artists with an alternative way of presenting sound; bringing a rewarding real-time presentation of musical ideas, but equally the challenge of becoming a live mix engineer and composer, in addition to performer. Even though real-life music events have come to a standstill, the internet is currently awash with options for people wishing to watch, learn, or perform “live” by way of online streaming events.

How to go about “building your budget live set-up” is a highly subjective question. It can deliver a myriad of answers influenced by your style of music, your composition preferences, and what “live” even means to a person, something that is a bit of a gray area in itself. This was made evident in conversations we had with analog dreamer Nadia Struiwigh, mind-dancing acid-mistress Alberta Balsam, Brainfeeder’s naïve computer jazz conductor Jameszoo about their live-sets.

Whilst some pieces of gear will inevitably be mentioned through the course of this article, it acts more as a presentation of considerations and workflow perspectives, which can either be used when deciding what it is you need to perform live, or as a way to get more out of what you already have.

Read the full feature here. Words by Christopher Paul.

Tuesday 15 December - 16:56

Now playing: Boom! - Messed Up (by Eversines)

Tuesday 15 December - 16:44

Interview: Catching up with Identified Patient

He’s one of the Netherlands most revered underground DJs, and rightfully so. Job Veerman, better known as Identified Patient, is an otherworldly storyteller whose leftfield mixes are ever full of twists and turns, and can potentially include any musical genre, tempo or mood. His productions commonly drift between wave, techno, acid and industrial – and just like his DJ-sets are marked by a severe but sensual irreverence the artist himself would likely describe as ‘sleaze’. Since chances are high you’ve danced to this mastermind in pre-covid times, more introductory words are completely redundant. Instead, we got you an update on all things Identified Patient (including some must-hear playlist material).

Job! Unfortunately there’s not a lot of surprise in (night)life right now, so what do your ups, downs and the in-betweens look like?

Since the last lockdown, life has been pretty simple in terms of activity. The daily grind has been the same for quite a while and I’m living outside the city these days, on the green outskirts of Amsterdam. You’d think there is more time for focus and structure, but I don’t necessarily see more output than before. In fact, in the last two months I’ve made less and less music. But I do feel I’m at the end of that stage and the hunger for creating is getting bigger. The in-betweens are the rides to the supermarket in my 1999 Hyundai Excel. You could say I’m blessed to have a stable situation, but the lure of the bottomless pit is always present.

Music journalists like to describe your work as dark or gloomy, yet I’ve always felt a dreamy and energetic undertone. This is all a matter of perception, of course, so how do you experience these contrasting elements yourself?

Yes, definitely a matter of perception. That’s always the case with these kinds of terms; hard to put a spell on, and easy to end in clichés. But I guess for you, as for me, it feels less depressed. Also, our concept of depressing music is linked to different situations and of course different tones. For example, a depressed-as-fuck song can make for a good memory in a club. If you play that on your iPhone while riding your bike in the morning, it can make the day very happy. In my opinion my songs tend to be more like passive aggressive, not full-blown dark.

You’ve previously talked about testing your own productions on the dancefloor. Now that this is impossible, are you saving up new tracks for post-corona times?

I’d love to have a big list of new homemade sleaze by now, but the list could be bigger (again, that will come). For some reason, every year I make a lot of tunes between December and March. Also, unfortunately, this year’s plan to heavily expand the studio ended up like an implosion.

What is a DJ/producer without a live audience?

It’s frustrating to not perform and make something for a night/day at a club or festival. That stoked feeling right before or in the middle of it when things are going – just letting the beast out for a few hours – is magic. I mean, we all miss it right? But I’m lucky enough to still be in the studio and able to make music.

Read the full interview here. Words by Leendert Sonnevelt.

Tuesday 15 December - 16:43

Live now: Eversines

Eversines co-runs the De Lichting label and has been a firm favourite of Amsterdam locals for years. It's his energetic yet dreamy selections which have earned him such a good reputation, and we're more than happy to have him joining for Radio Radio's broadcast today.

Tuesday 15 December - 16:14

Photo gallery: Nèna, LOLA, Rey Colino and Monty have stepped up and opened their record bags for us on today’s Radio Radio takeover

Nèna, LOLA, Rey Colino and Monty have stepped up and opened their record bags for us on today’s Radio Radio takeover — Eversines, Human Space Machine and Naone are still to come as we ease through the second afternoon of Dekmantel Connects.

Tuesday 15 December - 15:28

Live now: Rey Colino

Kalahari Oyster Cult label head Rey Colino has a well informed view of a wide array of music. As a DJ, he likes to fuse hybrid 90s rhythms with acid electronics, ambient techno and house, and that's exactly what we're hearing in his show now. Lock in.

Tuesday 15 December - 14:45

Now playing: Mad Cobra - Press Trigger (by Nèna)

Tuesday 15 December - 14:30

Live now: Nèna

Nèna is inspired by the sincere emotions that reggaeton brings to a dance floor, and always conveys real messages with her sounds. Tune in for an hour full of tracks that make you want to dance.

Tuesday 15 December - 13:30

Live now: Monty

Radio Radio are up and rolling for their Dekmantel Connects airwaves takeover, with cosmic voyager Monty guiding us through the second of their seven hours. Music to mend fried minds.

Tuesday 15 December - 12:30

Live now: LOLA

LOLA aka Sanne Huijsmans is at the heart of Radio Radio, which started as a five month popup and was so successful it became a four year adventure. A perfect selection to start your day with.

Tuesday 15 December - 10:50

Introducing: Radio Radio

Radio Radio opened their doors in 2018. They’re located in Amsterdam’s historic Wastergas area, which all used to be part of a former gas factory. The venue holds a dancefloor that can fit 150 clubbers at night, and a pizza place, Pizza Pizza, during the evenings. With an intimate, almost living room kind of vibe has proven itself to be a great setting for all-nighters and longer sets by locals and upcoming artists. In the past year, they’ve managed to keep their doors open for limited capacity listening sets, and for dine-in or take away pizza. But right now, we’re constantly reminiscing about the magic of a goold old sweaty packed night in a red-lit and smoke-filled Radio Radio, surrounded by their lovely crew and other dancers.}

Next to running club nights, listening sessions, and hosting small concerts, Radio Radio has set up and collaborated with local initiatives on different interview and radio streams. So, they’re no strangers to the concept. For their Dekmantel Connect’s radio program they’ve invited a bunch of local faces for DJ-sets: Kalahari Oyster Cult label head Rey Colino, Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Naone from Seoul, virtuosa of smooth rhythms Nèna, Flippen Disk’s Monty, Kiosk Radio-regular LOLA, and Eversines and Human Space Machine from De Lichting crew.

Words by Jasmín Hoek

Tuesday 15 December - 10:00

Welcome back to Dekmantel Connects

Was it all a dream? No? Then we guess we have to do it all over again.

Welcome back to Dekmantel Connects. After a 12-hour whirlwind yesterday to set the pace of the project, and a tiny bit of sleep where we could grab it, the time has come to leap back into the fire.

Coming up across today: Peaking Lights in concert, Jameszoo in conversation, and a workshop exploring how to stay financially afloat in the oh-so-choppy waters of the music industry.

And those of you that enjoyed our new B2B (H2H?) format, tonight is a doozy. The infamous 20,000+ record collection of Amsterdam’s avant-legend DJ Marcelle will meet the fearlessness of my name is not mata. This is a DJ set that could really go anywhere. You’ll have to catch it to be sure — they begin at 2200CET, so set an alarm.

First though, a seven-hour Radio Radio takeover that will be kickstarting any moment now. Grab some supplies and hunker down for the long haul. See you inside the ride.

Tuesday 15 December - 09:30

Day 2 is here

After a jampacked introduction to Dekmantel Connects, Day 2 is here already. On the playsheet: a live Q&A with Jameszoo, a b2b betwen DJ Marcelle & my name is not mata, a workshop on independent income and ownership rights within music, cosmic duo Peaking Lights live, two fantastic pieces of long-read editorial and Radio Radio taking over

Monday 14 December - 23:09

Day 1 flew by!

Phew! Day 1 of Dekmantel Connects flew by. We will be back tomorrow with music and conversation involving the likes of DJ Marcelle, Peaking Lights, Nèna, Jameszoo, Rey Colino,my name is not mata and more. 'Til then.

Monday 14 December - 23:00

Photo gallery: DJ Show: Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom

Two of the most adventorous selectors around pair up for a Bud DJ show with a twist: Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom rose to the challenge in an electrifying manner. We expected nothing less.

Monday 14 December - 22:00

Introducing: Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom

Playing back-to-back at this very moment are Lena Willikens and Merel Rhizoom. Lena Willikens, who moved from Cologne to Amsterdam last year, is known for her eclectic and uncompromising sound. The Salon des Amateurs-affiliated DJ and producer has graced our stages many times before, and her left field taste has been captured in one of our Selectors compilations in 2018. Her eccentric sound made her feel like the perfect match for a hidden gem of the Dutch scene Merel Rhizoom, a DJ known for her experimental and pushing style. As a resident of Amsterdam’s Garage Noord, she has become a master of hypnotizing smoke-filled dancefloors into a trancelike state.

Together they prepared a mind-melting 1,5 hour; with all faders open, Lena Willikens and Merel Rhizoom pull from the far reaching corners of their record collection for their deepest and most abstract gems. A trippy rhythmic journey through clouds of noise and heavy sounds into light rays of soothing melodies and soft voices.

Words by Jasmín Hoek

Monday 14 December - 21:30

DJ Show: Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom

The first of our 10 B2B (or, should we say, head-to-head?) DJ shows has just started! See what happens when Lena Willikens and Merel Rhizoom put their collections together — we're live now.

Monday 14 December - 21:05

Photo gallery: Meetsysteem w/ Ray Fuego & Gijsje Heemskerk

What happens when Meetsysteem, Ray Fuego and Gijsje Heemskerk join forces? This.

Monday 14 December - 20:35

Live Act: Meetsysteem w/ Ray Fuego & Gijsje Heemskerk

Our first Dekmantel Connects live show is underway! Nous'klaer Audio's cherished singer-songwriter Meetsysteem has paired up with rapper Ray Fuego and visual artist Gijsje Heemskerk — an exposition of the numerous collaborations on offer across the next two weeks. The bands is in full effect now.

Monday 14 December - 20:25

Photo gallery: Panel: Building, nourishing and growing a local community

Nachtburgemeester Amsterdam's Ramon de Lima, Garage Noord's Bram Owusu, Patta's Violette Esmeralda and Bar Pamela's Lola Ebodor sat down with moderator Samira Ben Messaoud for our first Dekmantel Connects panel — coming together to dig into the meaning of community, and how to help it flourish.

Monday 14 December - 19:30

Panel: Building, nourishing and growing a local community

The first Dekmantel Connects panel hosted with Lynk & Co has begun: five passionate voices from inside the Dutch scene discussing the critical question of what a local community stands for, and how best to grow it. Follow us here.

Monday 14 December - 19:15

Photo gallery: Wrap up of Dekmantel Connects's first day of radio

A big thanks to our good friends from Patta Soundsystem and all their lovely guests for providing us with good music all day long.

Starting in a bit: our first panel Building, nourishing and growing a local community, stay locked...

Monday 14 December - 18:49

Live now: Order Mothership

Order Mothership is an Amsterdam collective famed for their beloved mix of 'dusty, dark, electronic rhythms'. They are radio regulars with deep crates and frequent guests at clubs and festivals like Garage Noord and Appelsap. Tune in to hear what they sound like.

Monday 14 December - 17:45

Live now: Livin Off The Land (live)

Making his debut on Dekmantel Connects is Order Mothership's Livin Off The Land, keep an eye out for this upcoming talent.

Monday 14 December - 17:39

Now playing: JKS - Grab The Mic & Drop Bombs (by Slimfit)

Monday 14 December - 17:26

Live now: Slimfit

This outgoing new star of the local scene has become a Patta regular. She always aims to surprise her audience with a vital selections from a wide range of other contemporary genres, and we're experiencing nothing less at the moment.

Monday 14 December - 16:53

Interview: Synthesizers and Spirituality: Arp Frique and Mariseya on crossing generational and cultural divides

The magnetic sound of Arp Frique is flushed with electric colour and warm, pulsating beats. Retro-futurism meets seriously slapping basslines, conjuring 1970s disco danceability. At the helm is Niels Nieuburg, who orchestrates collaborations with some of the best-known and loved veterans of the afro-beat, funk and soul canon. Released by Rush Hour, his 2018 debut The Colourful World of Arp Frique, featured the likes of Cape Verdean singer Americo Brito, Brazillian funkster Ed Motta and the legendary Orlando Julius. On the EP Minina Bem Li and forthcoming 2021 album The Seed, Arp once again joined forces with Brito, as well as with Dutch-Ghanian vocalist and Afro-pop musician Mariseya. The pair gave a sneak-preview into their artistic process and shared passion for making music that knows no bounds.

Hi Arp Frique and Mariseya. I just wanted to thank you for brightening up my lockdown with your wonderfully vibrant music. What have you been up to lately that’s been keeping you going?

Arp Frique: At the moment I’m working on a movie that will be released with The Seed, our upcoming album for 2021. It’s a mixture of the band on the road, filmed with my old VHS camera. The movie is a mix of us travelling, touring and performing, as well as psychedelic-fiction, with some autobiographical elements. Mainly around me, Mariseya and Americo Brito.

Sounds reminiscent of Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles?

Arp Frique: Perhaps not so much that one. More inspired by the documentaries of Herman Brood, who is in my opinion the only true Dutch rockstar, and also the Sun Ra movies as well as the surreal-fantasy film The Holy Mountain (1973). I have an obsession with things from the past. I guess that’s kind of obvious! From our wardrobe to instrumentation, stage design… anything! I’m a big fan of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s.

Mariseya, your solo music has a much more contemporary feel, kind of R&B or pop-orientated. Do you bridge the gap between the past and the present?

Mariseya: I just like to mix it up! My taste is super broad; I love the 1970s, all the way up to our present moment, and the 1990s especially. In the future, in my own music, I’d like to implement some more retro elements.

Read the full interview here. Words by Hannah Pezzack

Monday 14 December - 16:30

Live now: Mila V (live)

Local producer Mila V just joined the Patta crew for a live set full of dark electronics.

Monday 14 December - 15:54

Now playing: Bounty Killer, Konshens, Jonnzy Blaze - Gal Weather (by DJ Jah)

Monday 14 December - 15:37

Live now: DJ Jah

Reggae and dancehall mainstay DJ Jah has been devoted to driving forward the local Amsterdam scene for years now through his affiliation with the vital Jamrock promotion and his much loved Flames and Fire series as well as his own sets. Tune in for the last part of his show.

Monday 14 December - 14:57

Live now: Waxfiend & General K discuss dancehall and more

Waxfiend & General K stepped into the studio for a conversation about dancehall and more.

Monday 14 December - 14:30

Photo gallery: Team Patta are halfway through their radio broadcast

Team Patta and their guests hard at work as part of the first Dekmantel Connects radio takeover.

Monday 14 December - 14:00

Live now: OWN (live)

Amsterdam's postpunk-group OWN - consisting of Victor, Vincent and Paul - perform a few of their tracks, including a brand new one too.

Monday 14 December - 13:45

Now playing: Deejay Abstract - Edibles & Wietsokken (played by DJ Abstract)

Monday 14 December - 13:26

Live now: DJ Abstract

After more than a quarter of a century in the game, what DJ Abstract doesn't know about hip hop isn't worth knowing. Founder of his own night and nicknamed The President for his legendary command of the decks, his multi-genre mix ups amaze every time. On for the next hour, lock in.

Monday 14 December - 12:04

Live now: DJ SP

Hip-hop maestro and Patta regular DJ SP is stepping up now as the first DJ of countless across the next 10 days of Dekmantel Connects. Tune into his set over here, and strap in for a full afternoon of prime cuts.

Monday 14 December - 11:00

Get to know: Patta

What started as a small Amsterdam-based sneaker shop and sneaker distribution in 2004, but has grown into an international household name amongst streetwear. Founders Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt developed their interest in apparel and footwear from what Gee describes as “their first love”; hip hop. Through their passion for hip hop and its culture, the two developed an interest in DJ-culture, and a wide interest in music, eventually making them prominent figures in the Dutch hip hop scene in the 1990s and early 2000s, Edson as a DJ and Gee as a host/MC.

Their crew and Patta friends & family, which has grown into an impressive size over the years, consists of various DJ’s, MC’s, musicians, and their own DJ-crew Patta Soundsystem. From Dutch hip hop to punk, their geeky and curious nature has kept all of them interested in a wide sound pallet. This attitude led to them constantly expanding their horizon; from collaborating with International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam, setting up a Summer school for the next generation, and working with a variety of visual artists and graphic designers.

Besides collaborating with them on Dekmantel merch and releases year after year, we’re happy to host Patta to kick off Dekmantel Connects. They’ve curated a radio day with DJ sets by DJ SP, DJ Abstract, Waxfiend, DJ Jah, Slimfit, and Order Mothership, and a performance by Amsterdam's OWN, a hard hitting live set by Mila V, and Livin Off The Land’s live punk electronics.

Words by Jasmín Hoek

Monday 14 December - 10:30

Welcome to Dekmantel Connects

So here we are. Welcome to Dekmantel Connects: our all-new, all-action, 10-day hub of creative activity.

You might be wondering what all this is about. Without a way to organise physical events since March for perhaps obvious reasons, we deeply missed the joy of supporting musicians, visual artists, live spaces, radio stations, writers, thinkers, and members of the creative community at all levels. Dekmantel Connects was our way to push through the roadblocks and round off 2020 with a new approach to this communal work.

The programme runs from lunch to late evening and involves dozens of collaborators each day – no small undertaking, but nevertheless we were committed from the start to make this new project free to view for all. Our focus is local but our intention is very much global.

Today should hopefully signal how each day of Dekmantel Connects will function. First, a radio takeover will run from noon until early evening. It’s our close friends at Patta up this afternoon, with nine acts bringing everything from bumping boom-bap to cosmic crate-digging. Then follows some form of talk activity; for our introductory day, we have a 90-minute panel, fittingly on the importance of local communities. Editorial features and photo galleries will fill the day here and there, too.

As night falls, we have two custom-filmed broadcasts. This evening it’s Meetsysteem, Nous’klaer Audio’s shining singer-songwriter star, teaming up with Dutch rapper Ray Fuego and visual artist Gijsje Heemskerk for a world-first triple-collab. To close, two of the sharpest DJs we know –– Merel Rhizoom and Lena Willikens –– face one another and face up to a B2B journey like you’ve never seen before. And then, a little dazed, we roll over and do it all again tomorrow.

We hope this gives you a useful play-by-play of Dekmantel Connects. Of course, the best explanation is to tune in and see what happens. We’ll be starting any moment. Enjoy!

Monday 14 December - 10:00

We're almost getting started...

Today's the day! Our new Dekmantel Connects project begins with a Patta radio takeover, Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom DJing B2B, live show from Meetsysteem w/ Ray Fuego & Gijsje Heemskerk, and a panel on nurturing community all taking place over the next 12+ hrs. Below is the timetable and the place to stream it all. See you inside.