Dekmantel | Juju & Jordash - Down To The Roach EP
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Juju & Jordash Down To The Roach EP

€11.00 Release date: 08 June 2016


  • Vinyl (12") €11.00

Tracklist Vinyl (12")

What's left to explain about Juju & Jordash? The longtime Dekmantel affiliated duo (Gal Aner, Jordan Czamanski) helped shape our club nights, festivals, label and other music endeavors to what they stand for today. In other words: without these jazz trained cats, there wouldn’t be a Dekmantel. It’s with great anticipation that we announce Dekmantel release #8 (!) from these utterly talented musicians. DKMNTL026 is a club friendly yet sophisticated four tracker that is as abstract as it is deep, and as elegant as it is effective. Raw, energetic stuff for your peak time bag!