Dekmantel | Juju & Jordash - Live Vol. 1
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Juju & Jordash Live Vol. 1

€9.99 Release date: 24 October 2016


  • Vinyl (12") €9.99

Tracklist Vinyl (12")

  • track id?? Paradigm, Groningen 20.05.2016
  • Track ID??? Mighty, San Francisco 13.05.2016
  • TRACK ID!! Smartbar, Chicago 6.05.2016
  • track id pls?? Smartbar, Chicago 6.05.2016

Check the archives and it’s almost impossible to come across a Dekmantel event without Juju & Jordash on the bill. The Israeli ex-pats are close family members for good reason. Their improv live performances have been massively applauded for their musicality and versatility. There’s only one downside to one-off live shows: the music is lost in the echoes. Hence why we decided to start a new series. DKMNTL-LBLSHWCS01 will be dedicated to limited runs of live takes recorded during Dekmantel showcases.

The very first DKMNTL-LBLSHWCS sounds like it couldn't have come from anyone else. On four different cuts Juju & Jordash seduce with a lavish mix of electronic jazz cut-ups combined with spiraling basslines. Dynamic analog synths transcend into mysterious space funk extrapolations, while the duo playfully serve up their filmic and distinguished vision of sound. Recorded at Paradigm (Groningen, NL), Mighty (San Francisco, US) and Smartbar (Chicago, US), four heart-rending tracks deliver heavy kicks and intense strings. The tunes are absolutely appropriate for the club, and kick-off our ambitious new journey with style.