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Artist Picks - Eris Drew
Dekmantel Podcast 451 - Theo Kottis
Two hours of slick selections from Theo Kottis cross the house, techno and electro spectrum
Dekmantel Podcast 448 - Loek Frey
A sleek and linear journey by Loek Frey
Dekmantel Podcast 445 - Adrian Sherwood/African Head Charge
Dive into the uniquely melon-twisting sounds of African Head Charge
Dekmantel Podcast 442 - Marie Montexier
A razor-sharp vinyl only mix by Marie Montexier
Dekmantel Podcast 439 - Salome
A mix of brutally distorted low ends and earth-shattering warehouse sounds
Dekmantel Podcast 436 - Quest
A low-key, low-lit selection by Quest that draws from mutant strains of house, techno and electro
Dekmantel Podcast 433 - Marie Davidson
The intensity never drops in this mix from Marie Davidson
Dekmantel Podcast 431 - Fafi Abdel Nour
Real dance floor nirvana from Fafi Abdel Nour