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Dekmantel Podcast 442 - Marie Montexier
A razor-sharp vinyl only mix by Marie Montexier
Dekmantel Podcast 438 - Martyn
From the crispness of Detroit electro to the off-beat thump of bass via his deep techno lit up with glistening electronics
Dekmantel Podcast 435 - DJ Danifox
DJ Danifox explores all avenues from the languid and loose to the pounding and physical
Dekmantel Podcast 432 - DJ Koolt
A two-hour deep dive into DJ Koolt's sound
Artist Picks
DiGJiT - All My Friends Are DJs, picked by Danielle
Dekmantel Podcast 427 - CCL
Two hours of pure sonic adventure by CCL
Dekmantel Podcast 425 - Kennedy
A mix by Kennedy that has the haziness of a half-remembered dream you wish you could return to
Dekmantel Podcast 422 - Simo Cell
A whirlwind ride from Simo Cell that will awaken every fibre of your being
Dekmantel Podcast 420 - Gamma Intel
An intense and futuristic listen curated by Gamma Intel