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Dekmantel Podcast 364 - Fergus Clark
An accomplished and subversive mix from 12th Isle's Fergus Clark
Dekmantel Podcast 362 - Layla Rutherford
Plenty of feel-good music served up with love by Layla Rutherford
Dekmantel Podcast 359 - Parris
Restrained bass music, lively grime and novel techno by Parris
Dekmantel Podcast 356 - Tristan Arp
Slippery rhythms, levitating environments and everything between by Tristan Arp
Dekmantel Podcast 353 - Dis Fig
Dis Fig plots a route through club, techno, jungle, rap and bass
Recordings from Dekmantel Selectors 2021
Reliving the sounds and memories
Dekmantel Podcast 349 - Peverelist
Physical yet meditative music by Peverelist that taps into that deep desire we all have inside
Dekmantel Podcast 346 - Anastasia Kristensen
Peak time festival as well as more nuanced back room selections from Anastasia Kristensen
Dekmantel Podcast 344 - Kush Jones
A breathless but beautiful 65 minutes by Kush Jones