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Dekmantel Podcast 323 - Sicaria Sound
Ice-cold wobblers, industrial strength steppers and skeletal, minimal dubstep sounds by Sicaria Sound
Dekmantel Podcast 321 - Giant Swan
A banging and thrilling collision of hi NRG techno, juke, hardcore and bass by Giant Swan
Dekmantel Podcast 318 - DJ Autumn
An exhilarating trip into the spirit of club music with DJ Autumn
Dekmantel Podcast 315 - Renata Do Valle
A colourful selection by Renata Do Valle packed with familiar cornerstones, but all served up with plenty of South American flair
Dekmantel Podcast 312 - MSJY
MSJY (formerly Miss Jay) has a foot in many different scenes and brings them together in bold, brazen sets
Dekmantel Podcast 309 - Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy
A mix packed with musical knowledge and story telling sounds.
Dekmantel Podcast 306 - Alicia Carrera
Multidisciplinary artist Alicia Carrera brings some induced hypnotism
Dekmantel Podcast 303 - Danielle
A heads-down excursion through deep space
Dekmantel Podcast 301 - OMOLOKO
A selection that perfectly captures an outdoor, sun kissed summer vibe from the off.